Friday, August 28, 2009

Season of Celebration or Grieving?

It hit me this morning - I was spending quiet time with Our Lord and asked Him if I was "grieving" okay - if He and David were okay with the way I was walking through this season. During the day, memories can bring tears of sadness and also a sweetness of remembrance of the gift of love that envelopes my heart - both are necessary during this season, as in all seasons of life, and I have a choice.
So, I'm trying to focus on celebrating - the sweetness of remembrance of the gift of love -
Love is such a gift. To think that your thoughts can center on someone else - want what is best for them even if it hurts you - wanting your life to bring joy to their world - wanting to bless them by your very involvement in their issues - wanting for them what you would want someone to want for you - love - the gift that keeps on giving.
I realized that Jesus gave us such perfect, amazing love when he suffered and died. He truly wanted what was best for us even when it hurt Him - He kept walking up that hill to Calvary. David kept fighting to stay on this earth, as all of us would, but when his body gave out, he accepted God's promise of heaven and walked triumphantly through the gift of grace to heaven's door.
The least I can do is celebrate - He is in a place so amazing I can only imagine how great he is feeling today - and I love him so much I celebrate his victory with Christ over death. Dwelling on the fact that while he is enjoying these great gifts from God, he needs to be absent from me physically - well, I won't dwell there. That would be keeping the focus on me instead of the celebration he is enjoying.
So, today I'm celebrating - and I thank God for loving us so much that He sent His Son, Jesus, to open the gates to heaven.
We are so immensely blessed to know Our Lord!
Love you,