Thursday, December 15, 2011


Returning lamps because of the lead content proved interesting. Pottery Barn was wonderful, but on returning home, I suddenly realized how dark the room was without those lamps.
We are called to be "light" to this dark world. (Matthew 5:14)
It is easy to see the darkness in our world - we hear it on the news and in each person's daily struggles. There is so much pain and darkness.
And, I wondered - could the light of Christ inside me make the same difference a light in a dark room makes? Could Christ's presence in me brighten some of the darkness I daily face?
As I sat in the dark room, finally having some illuminating light from a fixture in the next room, I pondered the thought - can the light inside me even pour into another person's life - after illuminating mine?
It was an AHA moment.
That light from the other room not only brightened up that room, but, through the lack of any light in the next room, sprinkled another space with some of the light.
Keeping this in mind today, I pray you and I will allow Christ's light in us to not only brighten any darkness in our lives, but pour out into other spaces that are not currently illuminated :)
Have a bright day!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lead and a ring

Cutting off labels on wires for my new lamps, I noticed one saying that the lead in the lamp can cause cancer. I called the store and they said they could take them back. Searching articles, I found out that you need to put the lead part of the lamp in your mouth or touch it and then touch your mouth. This is especially true with stained glass, they say. Reading further articles, it is also noted that the "green fluorescent bulbs" I have been purchasing - because they use less energy and last longer - are said to emit three types of cancer causing chemicals if left on too long.
Well, how long is too long?
The article actually suggested you not read too close to this type of light bulb.
So, I am gleaning my home - hoping to return lamps tomorrow and change all light bulbs to the old fashioned ones. Maybe I need to read more labels :)

Yesterday, I noticed something in a parking lot and picked it up. It was a beautiful ring with a dark center stone - like a midnight sky surrounded by bright stars. I turned it into the lost and found of that store in the hopes of the owner remembering to call them.
Now, if it is not claimed in 30 days, they will call me.
So, it is a win-win. Either someone gets back a beautiful ring or I get a new one.
Sometimes, it helps to keep our eyes on where we are headed :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Looking UP

Well, I kept hearing the thought "look up". I try to keep my chin up, unless I am being humble at church :)
But, thinking of looking up - I tried it for a day or so - I looked on top of the fridge, on the top shelf in the fridge, on top of shelves in every room - or so I thought.
When I purchased a small ironing board and put in the second bedroom closet yesterday, I thought it was a good idea. Then, today I found a "travel iron" I purchased years ago and decided to add it to the ironing board closet. And, as I set it on the upper shelf in that closet, there were papers. Now, I thought, what papers would be in this closet? Oh YES - it was the missing pieces of mail. I did not spend a lot of time figuring out what I had gone in that closet for two days ago - I just thanked God that in looking up, I found what I had lost.
So, may you keep looking up -
You never know what you will find. :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Somewhere now holds my mail ?!

So I slowly walked into the garage perusing the mail. As I bent down to place some of it in the recycle bin, I remember deciding to keep three pieces - a card addressed to Aunt Mary, a bank statement and a pottery barn Christmas present brochure.
That was three hours ago. I know I walked into the house with them, yet I have searched the garage three times. There are two usual places inside where I put mail - both are empty.
Since I now live in a smaller home, there are less places they can be.
But, the question is "Where are they?"
How can I possibly lose three pieces of mail just walking them into the home?
Now, do not blame it on age - I do agree that I am older, but I blame it on moving. My head is so full of so many thoughts since moving - so many things trying to find new places in my home - and so many places trying to claim their right to retain furniture!
I remember getting a phone call as I walked in - but which call was it? So, I checked the time on my phone calls this afternoon - there were two in the time frame that would have handled the mail. But which call took me somewhere - and that somewhere now holds my mail?! I remember putting a bed together after the mail delivery - but have checked everywhere around the bed - even under the covers!
So, the dilema continues - oh - that is not how you spell dilema - okay I checked - love these computers - it is dilemma -
So, the dilemma continues - will the pieces of mail show up?
Well, I know the Holy Spirit knows where they are, but He has not revealed it to me yet. I have asked. We will see when He decides to tell me.
In the meantime, whatever niece sent me a card - I hope to find it someday. The bank statement can wait and pottery barn has seen me enough this year.
Here is to your mail today - may you know where you put it :)
Love to you!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Defender

Have you ever had someone defend you? Does it get any better than having something going on and a person steps in and defends your position or your character?
The feeling of being understood and defended is one of the best. It does not battle with feelings of pride for it is a feeling dependent on another - not yourself.
To be understood, accepted completely and loved in a way that you feel secure is a great gift I have experienced.
God has blessed me with many friends and these relationships are priceless. A few of them would defend me and I pray I would defend them.
For today, I am remembering the first time my car broke down after I met David. I called him and he and Ken were at the side of my car in a flash. I remember, after being a single Mom for the previous 7 years, liking the feeling of someone caring enough to drop whatever they were doing when I was in trouble and arriving in minutes. It was new for me to have someone so caring to "come to my aid".
And, I think the best part of it was that there was no condemnation. I had often been condemned when I was in tough situations with things going wrong.
So, this different feeling - of being taken care of without condemnation - was brought into my life and I devoured it. I welcomed it like my dry tongue would welcome water in a desert.
And, I felt defended and taken care of - all in a single act of friendship. Through the grace of God, an uncountable number of events have taken place since that day, all allowing me the same feeling - defended and taken care of without condemnation.

God offers us that - and I receive it. I love when He defends us, takes care of us and, Romans 8:1 "Therefore, there is now, no condemnation, for those who are in Christ Jesus." I receive Christ's gift of no condemnation.
I got used to David being my special human example of God's defense at my side every minute. I accept God's Word will continue to give me the defense and love I long for.
Fill any empty places in us, Lord.
For Jesus' Glory.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

There he was and There he is :)

Memories can be so sweet! Getting ready to move - my last day in this home - and "There he was!" Can you see him? Maybe not like I can, so let me share.
There he was - standing on the back porch - waiting for me to come along with other women golfers - he would be golfing later in the day, but always waited to see me come around the bend and ask how my round was going. There he was - stepping up the ladder to fix something up high - he loved ladders. There he was - leaning on the counter in a Chicago Bears costume with his buddies as we got ready for a party. There he was - sitting in his office on the phone - motioning for me to take a seat to talk. There he was - sitting at the table while looking outside - his favorite view - this wonderful golf course. There he was - sitting cross-legged - he had great flexibility - playing with Macy on the floor. There he was - running downstairs to see if the sump pump was working on a rainy night. There he was - head bowed, praying before meals or sleep. There he was - walking around outside finding something to dig up. There he was - talking to one of the kids on the phone as he paced. There he was - practicing his golf swing in the back yard. There he was - putting tape on the wall before putting a nail in it to hang a picture.
And, one of my favorites - there he was - all dressed up to go to dinner or church. He told me he loved to dress up for church because he was going to God's house and that was a special place to go.
I can see him - all dressed up and laughing in God's House - can you picture it?
There he is :)
Love to you!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Saying Goodbye

Well - farewell to a home. Saying goodbye is never easy but is necessary sometimes. A home is so much more than a building - it is the richness of the memories of people together inside the walls. It is the voices, words spoken or sung, that bounce back and forth in our minds as we enter a room. It is the celebrations of life days or the simple day in and day out days racing across our thoughts as we enter a doorway. It is the faces of those we love smiling back at us as we remember encounters. It is the meals shared, the special holidays spent together here.
And it is the love - oh our homes are filled with love.
So, farewell to a home that has been well loved and loved us back. But, more importantly, farewell to a home that has shaped our family.
We were naive' when we moved here - we had no knowledge of a golf community, or all the fun that is involved in living in one. We had no grandchildren and did not realize how quiet our life had been until our family was blessed with little ones and then marriages. OH - We had a lot of love and shared it well - and realized the extreme depths of pain in losing contact with one we love.
On the second day living here, David was unpacking in the garage and I asked what he thought of our move. "My next step is heaven." was his reply. He was right.
So, with him in heaven, it is time. Time to say goodbye to a wonderful home in a golf course community.
And, saying goodbye is never easy - but it can be a step forward. I hope this move is.
Thanks for loving this home along with me.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dreams can be wonderful!

I was walking down a hall in my final dream early this morning. I was with someone, but didn't notice who. What I did notice was that I was passing three people - one neighbor, David and another man were standing with bowed heads in prayer. As I passed them, I turned around, realizing it was David and I waited.
As the prayer ended, the neighbor walked one way and the other man the other and I approached David. No words were spoken, but his blue eyes, hair style and smile were of a younger David. We kissed. I told him I remembered his kisses and we both smiled.
Then, I woke up.
I think I visited heaven in my dream :)
Have a blessed weekend!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Memories Alone Will Get Us Through

I woke up singing "You and Me Against The World" and smiled.
Because the words "When one of us is gone and one of us is left to carry on - then remembering will have to do - our memories alone will get us through" brought back a flood of memories.
Walking the beach, removing wall paper with steamers, golfing, laughing, driving, his napping on Sundays - so many wonderful memories bring warmth to my heart.
Now, unlike the song, it never was just "David and me against the world". We always had Jesus Christ, our strength, our provider, our comforter - and we always will.
But, I did enjoy sitting here remembering and thanking God for each memory.
Then, I asked God to give David a wonderful day in heaven - doing whatever he is called to do up there. And, I ask God to bless what He has in mind for me to do today here on earth. May it bring Him honor and glory.
Now - as much as it is fun to "think about the days of me and you (David)", like in the song, it is also exciting to think about what God has in store for each of us today with whoever is in our world.
Can you imagine what He has planned for you today?
When we focus on Him and not on ourselves, He can bring unimaginable joy - fun we never expected - into an ordinary Friday.
I love that about Him.
So, enjoy today - this wonderful present God created you for and gave you breath to unwrap!
This is the day The Lord has made - we will rejoice and be glad in it!!
Thank you, Lord :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Radon gas - really?

I was told my home indicated an unhealthy level of radon gas. I only know this because I had an inspection to sell the home.
So, I received quotes from companies to "mitigate" the radon gas to an acceptable level. Now, this process was full of interesting people and I needed to choose one. Really? How do I choose?
I decided to choose the company that talked the most about what they were going to do - instead of what the other companies would not do.
The discussions reminded me of politicians. I never like to vote for people who tell me what someone else does wrong - just tell me what you are going to do right.
So, I hired the company that didn't talk about the other companies - and they did a good job with the "mitigation process". Now, after the second test, my home has low levels of radon gas present. That is a sigh of relief!
However, how long have I been sleeping while inhaling unacceptable levels? When did my home go from "passing" to "failing" in the radon department? Somewhere between 2003 and 2011.
Now, the testing company said we should get our homes tested every 2 years - really?
As a homeowner, I have never thought of radon gas - never.
And, finally, do I inhale unacceptable levels of radon every time I am outside?
I don't want to minimize the truth that radon gas can cause lung cancer - but, if it comes up from the ground - and is bad to have in our homes while we sleep, how do we live without breathing it in when we are outside?
If you have more education on this than I do - please share :)
Radon gas - really?

Friday, August 19, 2011

Tea Kettle

I saw a tea kettle hanging from a tree - the top of a wind chime pouring air into the cups dangling below. I first saw it years ago in a Copper Kitchen store and picked it up. There was a good friend who had a birthday coming up that loved tea. She may enjoy this wind chime, I thought to myself. She did like it - and liked me remembering her.
Our friendship was born out of pain. We were neighbors, but when her husband battled cancer followed by my husband's battle, we were drawn really close. It is kind of interesting that fighting similar battles can give you a sweet closeness to another.
God did a remarkable thing in bringing us together. Over the years, He filled many empty places in my heart with His love through her.
As I walked the streets with grandchildren and saw the tea kettle this week, I was reminded of His faithfulness. Even though she has moved, it still remains in the tree, chiming a song of His love given to each of us through friends and neighbors. It is a sweet sound.
I am eternally grateful.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Full Head

Really? Can our heads be so busy with so many thoughts that it is full?
I think so - mine is right now - and has been all day.
It seems that we have a certain number of things we can handle -
and then, the thoughts spin around so much that we get dizzy - and our head feels full.
And, when our heads start to spin, we can do some things without thinking them through.
At least, I can.
You see, in order to not drink in front of her (as she couldn't drink before surgery) I "hid" my green drink in my purse. Now, those cups with lids are supposed to keep the beverage from spilling, right? This thoughtful gesture backfired.
The green drink did not fully close on the top like I thought (or did I?).
I had green on my wallet, notepad, a book and many other things, but guess what it missed - the package of kleenex in the same area.
How did that happen? The kleenex would have "drunk" it up!!
So, I stop - take a deep breath - and there it is - God's love in the form of a laugh.
She asked why my shirt was green on the way home from the hospital.
I remember turning away from her so she wouldn't see me sip the part of the drink that escaped the bottom of my purse, and as I did, it spilled on my clothes. I didn't realize how green they were until she noticed.
I laughed.
I guess the drink missed the kleenex, but found avenues to a lot more.
Well, when our heads are full, I guess we have to look on the bright side.
The surgery turned out well - that is all that matters - even if I come home green.
Enjoy your life when your head gets full - and try not to carry opened beverages with you :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Because You Loved Me

I was sitting on a blanket while reading Scripture to David's bones today at the cemetery, and I started writing words to a song.
Not the normal place for writing songs, I am pretty sure.
When I came home and looked up my "title", I found out it had already been written and sung! The song is beautiful with pictures from a movie in the background.
"Because You Loved Me"!
Do you know that before David loved me, I don't know if I really loved myself? He taught me that I was valuable and love-able, even with all my foibles.
He taught me so much about love - and these already famous lyrics are dedicated to him from my heart:

For all those times you stood by me
For all the truth that you made me see
For all the joy you brought to my life
For all the wrong that you made right
For every dream you made come true
For all the love I found in you
I'll be forever thankful baby
You're the one who held me up
Never let me fall
You're the one who saw me through it all

You were my strength when I was weak
You were my voice when I couldn't speak
You were my eyes when I couldn't see
You saw the best there was in me
Lifted me up when I couldn't reach
You gave me faith 'coz you believed
I'm everything I am
Because you loved me

You gave me wings and made me fly
You touched my hand - I could touch the sky
I lost my faith, you gave it back to me
You said no star was out of reach
You stood by me and I stood tall
I had your love - I had it all
I'm grateful for each day you gave me
Maybe I don't know that much
But I know this much is true
I was blessed because I was loved by you

You were always there for me
The tender wind that carried me
A light in the dark shining your love into my life
You've been my inspiration
Through the lies you were the truth
My world is a better place because of you

May God give us all the grace to make the world a better place for others because we love them! Much love, Mary

Monday, July 25, 2011


He said that when he was a teenager, he remembers being in awe of the discovery and development of dental implants. I thought "if I even heard of a new discovery about anything dental, I would try not to give it any thought". In fact, I try not to allow any of my brain space to be taken up by anything relating to dentistry.
That may make the difference in our gifts.
He is one of the best dentists I have ever had work done by - and that is saying a lot because I have had a lot of dental work over the years. To think that it interested him, as a teenager, was a precursor, from God, I think, that his gifts are in dentistry.
So, where are my gifts?
I remember the first time I took a psychology course. I thought that teacher in high school was brilliant! Just brilliant. I wanted to understand all he knew.
So, I spend time trying to figure out the mind - how and why people do what they do. That is fun for me. Then, there is math. When Mr. Widicus, in sophomore year of high school taught Algebra, my finest hour was finding a solution different than the textbook. I loved putting it on the board and having him say "that will work", even though it was different than his answer. Gifts are fun.
I am grateful when I find someone gifted in something that blesses me. Like dentistry. After sitting in the chair for an hour today, I am exhausted. It is tiring for me to have someone hanging over my mouth, explaining everything, yet needing access to my open mouth with drills, water and, the Lord only knows what else, while I try to breath and pretend I am comfortable. And, to cap it off, on the way out, I had to make another appointment for two weeks away. Just think - in just two more weeks, I get to sit longer than an hour in the chair!
As I thank God for our gifts, I thank Him for yours and mine - all different, yet complimenting, and even necessary, for our work on earth.
May you enjoy your gifts and bless others through them today. :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Chopped Liver

She watched, rather irritated, as one person after another walked in front of her and onto the plane. She kept watching, not moving a muscle. I ventured over to her, sensing she wasn't enjoying this boarding procedure.
She looked at another couple push right passed her as I approached. I guessed her to be around 75 years old and traveling alone.
"What am I, chopped liver?" she asked me.
"Well, what does your boarding pass say?" I replied.
"What do you mean?" she quipped.
I showed her the number on the right side of her boarding pass.
"This airline "groups" people to board. They have only called groups 1 and 2 and you are in group 4." I gently informed her.
"Oh", she said rather embarrassed. Her frail body calming down.
I waited until group 4 boarded and smiled as I saw her board. She smiled back.
Chopped liver. Isn't it easy to feel like the world is passing us by? Isn't it easy to think no one notices us and we don't matter?
Take the time to notice someone. Whether a smile or a nod - just recognition that they exist and are in your vision is enough sometimes.
Enough to take away a feeling of being chopped liver.
We all matter to Our Loving God - let's matter to each other.

Monday, July 18, 2011


It started with a suggestion that a gluten-free diet may bless some people. The next day, a friend suggested a "blood type" diet and, on the third day, a candida diet came to my attention. Now, I don't know what symptoms anyone else has - and, half the time, I don't know what my body has that could be "symptoms", but I am always interested in a cure.
Then I heard that if you go on a gluten-free diet and accidentally have gluten, you get sick. And, the blood type diet suggests, for my blood type, that I eat a lot of meat. I don't remember the last time I ate meat (turkey burgers, chicken and fish have been my staples for years). And, as far as a candida diet - well, I think I was supposed to take out all fruits (I am pretty sure it was eliminating sugars). Fruits have been a large staple since I gave up processed sugar as much as possible.
So, I have decided balance is the key. Maybe a little less gluten will help my system (I was told gluten is like "glue" and holds things in your system), maybe adding a little meat once in a while and maybe not having an extreme amount of fruit.
So, I am enjoying a hamburger tonight on wheat bread, but with gluten free cookies and cranberry juice I have watered down.
Do you think my system will appreciate my new diet??
We will see.
Have a blessed evening!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Climbing for fun

He is three years old and had begun to climb a plastic mountain that would give him access to a number of slides (and a lot of fun). As he ascended, his eyes caught the site of another young boy, standing at the top of the mountain, in a still position, with a squirt gun pointing outward.
Trace, slowly continued his climb, keeping his eyes on the young boy, making sure his steps were on solid footing, and waiting for eye contact. Without missing a step in his ascent, and while finally fixated eye-to-eye, Trace spoke directly at the young carrier of the squirt gun.
"Don't even think about it." he stated emphatically.
Two more steps upward and he repeated his words.
"Don't even think about it."
He finished his ascent.
The young man took a step back, lowered the pistol to his side and Trace, giggling, ran for the slide.
Next time I am "climbing" upward and something looks like it may be a deterrent, I plan on learning from a three year old.
I plan on keeping my thoughts on the steps needed for the climb and the fun - and, when necessary, stating the obvious.
Let's not give any person the power to stop us from enjoying life :)
This is the day the Lord has made - we will rejoice and be glad in it!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bunnies with Glasses?

We were having a sleepover when Macy mentioned her eye had an itch. Could it be the sand from the park or did the wind dry it out? Sometimes we don't get to know how something happened, we just need to deal with it. We lay there - with eye pads on our eyes - eye pads I had purchased at a salon a long time ago (do they have an expiration date?) and the woman at the salon had promised they would refresh my eyes and I would no longer have dark circles. Really?
I tried several attempts to keep them on - tried and tried to see a difference in my eyes, but the dark circles still appeared the next morning. They were nice eye pads, though, and my eyes liked the refreshing feeling even with dark circles remaining.
So, as I reached for them to refresh Macy's eyes from an itch, I read the ingredients - tea leaves. Hmmmm. My mom used to use wet tea bags whenever we had any kind of eye problem.
So, in our pajamas, her brother already asleep, Macy and I turned off the lights and put eye pads on both of our eyes and lay there - waiting. Within a few minutes, she asked all kinds of questions about these pads that I didn't have answers for - and then, that old joke from my childhood popped up.
"Macy, do you know why we know carrots are good for our eyes?" I asked.
"No, why, Grandma?" she asked.
"Because bunnies eat carrots and you never see a bunny with glasses." I quipped.
She giggled, and then we giggled together, for a couple of minutes - a wonderful couple of minutes before bedtime.
It's an old joke, just like tea bags on our eyes is an old remedy, but sometimes the old ones still work.
Here's to your next giggle - or if your eye itches - here's to your next tea bag :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Really? An onion?

The ball game was cancelled due to bad weather, and driving home, we were running into Jewel. An ominous cloud covering was heading our way. I told El a story about the time I was in a Jewel with Macy and weather was bad. We waited out a tornado warning in the candy aisle - enjoying a box of nerds.
El headed toward produce and I headed toward the first aid aisle. Within minutes, an announcement asked all customers to head to the back of the store, as a tornado warning had been issued. I grabbed bite-x and joined the other customers amid the boxes, freezers and cement in the back room. El soon joined me with her future purchases. We were a group of around 15 waiting there - and as I showed El my bite-x, a white coat approached. "Are you questioning the product?" she asked. She was a pharmacist. I showed her the welt on my left arm.
Earlier today, while shoveling some rocks, something did not like me disturbing its home. "It doesn't itch, and this product takes away itching," I answered her.
"Do take some benadryl orally, for an allergic reaction," she said. "And, cut an onion in half and hold it on the welt to draw out anything that may be in there." "Onion?" I questioned. "Yes, any type," she said. I thanked her.
We made our purchases, including a new addition to my list - an onion. As we headed out, we both noticed a woman, sitting on a bench with her groceries bagged, whose body began to shake. The shaking increased as El and I walked toward her. With El on one side and me on the other, we held her up as a seizure took over her body. We called for help from the employees. Two came running and said this woman had a seizure earlier, and her friend had gone to get the car. El ran outside in the rain, found the friend and updated her on her friend's latest seizure.
We walked to our car, thinking of all that took place in a simple stop at Jewel.
When I got home, as I took the pharmacist's advice and removed the onion from sitting on my welt, the red welt was now flesh colored and the swelling was down 90%.
An onion?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


We were walking down the street, 2 year old Maddy and I, when we heard small children playing in their back yard. We turned toward their yard to watch, said hello, and there it was. Joy - in the form of children giggling as they jumped in a small wading pool. Maddy, without hesitation (or a swimsuit), immediately jumped in. Splashing and giggling, she shrieked with joy.
Such a small amount of water, not wearing the correct apparel and not aware of anything other than one thing - enjoying life.
Could it really be that easy? Could we stop thinking about what others think or what clothes we are wearing?
Maddy did.
I think she searches for fun. I think it is natural in her.
Did it used to be natural in us and we "grew up"?
I picture God, watching us each day, like I was watching Maddy - and I think He enjoys watching us enjoy life. It sure did brighten my day to watch her have so much fun.
Can we just jump in and giggle once in a while -
Maybe even search for fun?
And, in doing so, bring a smile to Our Father's face?
I can learn from a 2 year old.
Here's to finding joy today!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

She Was There

It is Memorial Day and I am driving home from the cemetery.
Trying to make the green left turn signal at the top of the ramp, I gunned the gas and, YES - I made the turn just as the signal turned yellow. Getting onto Route 59 without stopping is a rarity.
But, what did I see out of the corner of my left eye as I approached the light - still focusing on the light, but grasping a figure with a sign. It was 90 degrees and a woman was standing out there in that heat with a sign - begging for someone to notice her plight. I had sped by, not only not noticing her, but not allowing myself an opportunity to help someone because I was so focused on the "green arrow" which allowed me a few less seconds in traffic. Anyway, it always made me uncomfortable to be at a stoplight and someone was begging along the side of the road. And, I was hungry and it was way past lunch time.
Then, I wondered how long it had been since she had eaten. I didn't know what her sign said, but I would guess it was for money for food or some other necessity. I said a prayer that God would send someone to help her.
Then, I decided that maybe it was supposed to be me and I was in too much of a hurry - or too uncomfortable because she was begging.
Driving to Portillo's, I decided to order both of us lunch. I would backtrack and take a lot more time than the stoplight would have cost me - but how could I eat lunch with her begging, in the hot sun, for attention I wasn't willing to give her?
Portillo's apologized for the wait - they were unusually slow. Would she still be there? Finally, I had both of our lunches and gunned it back onto I-88 - and YES - she was still standing there with her sign. I headed toward the exit east of Route 59, so I could get off, get back on and arrive at my destination - the exit ramp with the lady on the left side holding her sign.
The exit was two miles away - not a long turn around, but a long 4 miles when I am trying to keep her lunch cold in the car - it was an Asian grilled chicken salad and bottle of water. The water was dripping.
Finally - I approach the ramp and hoped the light would be red so I can talk to her a little.
WHAT?? A red convertible is now stalled and sitting where she was standing 5 minutes ago - two men sitting in the sun waiting for a tow - taking her place. At first, I thought they were giving her a lift and looked for her in their car - but she was no where in sight.
I checked two more stop lights in the area -
She was gone -
I missed an opportunity to bless someone -
Will I slow down next time?
Will I stop feeling uncomfortable at a stop light with someone standing there begging and just help them?
So, today I get to eat the same lunch that I had yesterday - Portillo's Asian grilled chicken salad.
God bless you.

Friday, April 15, 2011

How God Loves Us

Oh - How God loves us. I am reminded today of an example of the power of His love.
During his last week on earth, David said to me "I need to confess something to you that may change your love for me." I simply looked at him and said, "If God is prompting you to confess something, just do it." He talked about something he did as a young man that "bothered" him. Before he finished, the nurse walked in and we went back into the "hospital mode". Thoughts of anything he said were gone.
That means I never got a chance to say to him "No matter what you ever confess - no matter what you have ever done - NOTHING can change how much I love you - NOTHING!"
"Can anything separate us from the love of Christ?"
I understand that love of Christ - just a little more - when I think that the enemy wanted David to believe that something could affect my love for him.
In fact, I think his confession gave me even more love for him because I shared in his humanness - and anything that he did or tried to do on earth only strengthens how wonderful God is to give us - by the grace we receive with forgiveness - freedom from our humanness and sin.
Is there anything that can separate us from the love of Christ?
I believe it can only be strengthened as we admit our humanness, ask forgiveness and walk in His gift of freedom.
God bless you with a free day!
Love, ME

Friday, March 18, 2011

Blogging Fun

Well, as I am watching Julie & Julia, I am reminded that I began blogging and LOVE writing - so I want to do this more often. :)
Today was a collection of moments that merged together to make a wonderful "beginning of Spring" day. 55 degrees - sweet!
Beginning with cleaning out cabinets - always interesting to see what I have stored in them - cleaning behind the refrigerator - wondering how some of that stuff got back there - and exercising at Curves with Zumba - yes, Zumba - some fast paced dancing in between the exercise time on the machines. I made it in time for a little splice of dance time to cap off my exercise portion of the day. It was fun to watch the Curves community enjoy dance exercise together.
When a prayer appointment went well this afternoon, I realized that a good day for me is a little different each day. Yesterday was not as sweet as it could have been - they opened the golf course and I realized why I want to move - living on a golf course is a constant reminder of who I miss - thus cleaning out cabinets in order to get ready to move is a really good thing. I feel like I am going forward - facing the future with eyes wide open - and thanking God each day!
How magnificent to enjoy life with Jesus. How simple and beautiful life can be with Him at the helm of my "ship".
So, Spring cleaning and taking time to exercise, along with time for prayer - what a wonderful way to celebrate life. What a wonderful day!
Have a blessed evening :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Simply Being

Reading a book on waiting. Realizing I don't do it often. I am usually quick to have an answer - even if it may not be the right answer. Actually, I usually have three of four choices for answers. Studying waiting has been eye opening. The line I am processing right now is "abandoning the side of us that wants to achieve and simply be". When I think of my life, I think of all the things I want to achieve - whether it is for me or someone else. I think of all the time I spend coming up with answers, solutions and remedies. Now, there is a certain amount of achieving necessary and, responsibly speaking, truly important. Yet, have I taken it to unnecessary levels? Have I been off balance? Can I truly enjoy simply "being" - simply being alive? Can I dismiss thoughts of who needs something - what needs to be fixed - or what needs to be accomplished and just spend some time "breathing" and enjoying that I am alive?
Yes - I have decided. I realized all the time I have spent on thoughts of making up for others needs - thinking I needed to fill a gap in someone else' life. Wow - I can picture the Lord laughing - "Look at Mary - there she goes again - trying to fix someone (or something for someone)." I think, in books, it is called a "Savior Complex".
Okay - I am spending time off the throne - I am going to enjoy simply being today -
I look outside and see diamonds sparkling - the top of the snow is simply dazzling - beauty in frigid temperatures - God's gift of seasons is amazing.
May you enjoy today - may it bless you to simply be -
and may we all give God His place on the throne of our lives. As, Jesus is an amazing Savior! For Jesus' Glory,