Sunday, June 27, 2010


June 27, 2010
Wow! How quickly memories can flood your mind with sweetness :)
I was speaking with someone about driving to Florida and suddenly, there I was. In the passenger seat searching the maps for another route for David. He used to call me "Map Challenged" and I was. We drove back and forth so many times I began memorizing the large cities we drove through and the quickest routes around them. But, during the beginning years of our travels, he would ask me for an alternate route and I would look at the map - and - NOTHING - I mean it - nothing looked like another route to me - the map might as well have been in Chinese! We would laugh at each other's shortcomings - Lord knows we both had them -
And, as much as I laugh now - I do think I learned to laugh at myself through laughing with him. One of the greatest gifts we can give each other is love with acceptance - the kind of acceptance that says "You are not perfect, but I accept you just as you are and love you." There were no conditions on his love for me and I learned how to love others' that way.
Another gift - he loved to teach and I was not always the best pupil. Right before he was diagnosed, he gave me an hour golf lesson in a sand trap and I remember him thanking me for having a "teachable spirit" that day. I was thanking him for the lesson and he was thanking me for being teachable - wow - what fun.
I have seen growth in the grieving process in the sand traps - I no longer cry when I am in them - I did - and not just because it meant a tough golf game that day :)
May you be wowed today - may you enjoy some sweetness to some memories - and enjoy unconditional love from someone - because that is Christ loving you through them.
Much love,