Saturday, June 30, 2012


What is "who you are" filtered through? Are you someone who knows their identity - no matter what happens? Or, are your thoughts about "who you are" filtered through the opinions of others and relationships?
I have been experiencing a different kind of week - of course, all life is full of change. But some weeks seem more "full of change" than others. This week involved relationship mending and laughter, as well as relationship struggles and tears.
It is a battle to keep my mind focused on this:
My purpose is to glorify God each day - bring Him honor. Not myself or others.
It is that easy.
So, the question at the end of each day is pretty simple - "Did I honor God?"
If not, what can I change? Or, what can I do differently, so tomorrow will honor Him?
May the Lord remove your filters - and may your thoughts identify you as His child - a beloved creature - full of purpose - honoring Him - each day.
For Jesus' Glory!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

We Are All Students

I believe we are all students. We are all learning each day.
We may be learning something about a job, activity, our relationships, or some form of actual studies, but we are all students.

Now, it has taken me a long time to decide what to study. Did you realize you can choose? You can learn - have a teachable spirit, or you can shut down the lesson.
I see children shut down the lesson when they rebel - they don't want to learn how to do things their parents way - they want to believe they already know the right way.
Now, as parents gently prod them into lessons - choices and consequences - I see myself.
God is prodding me toward a lesson.
Am I learning it - or fighting it? Is it a temporary lesson or is He giving me a lesson that will change my life?

Recently, a son-in-law asked me if I was still studying the piano. Now, I love piano music - love it. But, I have not committed to take the time to really learn how to play. I also love other languages, yet have not disciplined myself on taken the time to really learn. The same goes for Bridge - a card game that takes a lot of knowledge.
I go from activity to activity - deciding where to spend my time - and then deal with the consequences. I don't really accomplish anything - or become accomplished in anything - unless I give it time.

The big question is - what will I give time toward? What will I learn?
We go back to children - choices and consequences.
Do I want to really learn something, or just have my own way - being happy to just dabble in it?
And, why do I start learning and not become accomplished?
I have some unfinished projects in my closet - shouldn't I finish them before becoming a student of something else? I wonder if there is a psychological reason people begin projects and don't finish them - hmmm.

Well, I am comfortable with only knowing a little about another language, piano and Bridge. But, I am questioning why I stopped learning about golf.
Now, there is something I want to spend time on - something I want to accomplish!
And, my current lifestyle does not allow the same in-depth golf time I had while married to David, but it does afford me the opportunity to learn a little more about a sport I love.

So, here is a toast to being students - and making choices.
May you find out what you want to spend your time on - and continue to learn.
We are all a student of something :)
Love you,