Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Well, how awesome is God to continue to teach us throughout seasons of life! I am feeling so much growth in so many areas and wanted to share a huge one for me.
Over the past year and a half - yes - as of yesterday it has been a year and a half since David went to heaven - and over that time, thoughts of fellowship with others have taken me to many places. One important place for me was thoughts of not being able to have David as my partner - and, OH - how I loved having him as my partner. So, I entertained thoughts of another partner someday who would pour into my life some of the wonder David poured into it. I knew I would be happy with just a sampling of what we shared together in another relationship.
Last month, the Lord spoke to me about pursuing my relationship with Him and no other partner. I really appreciate the wisdom of that more each day. I've come to believe that the reason I should pour my time and energy into my relationship with Jesus is because my heart is already full of the love for David and Jesus - I don't need to think of anyone else. This may sound simplistic, but I was confused with thoughts of needing to find another partner because I couldn't have that relationship with David any longer. Christ has shown me that I still have that relationship with David - somehow, my love for him continues to grow - "absense makes the heart grow fonder" - and I can honestly say that I love him more and more each day.
So, I am not only content, but excited to be through with thoughts of other partners - I am holding onto the love of the most wonderful partner God created for me and the love of the most wonderful Creator of my heart, Jesus Christ. I am totally fulfilled to overflowing with love from these two and looking forward to the future with, I think, a proper perspective for my heart.
May we all find proper perspectives that work for our lives - it was for freedom that Christ set us free - I feel so free!
Praise the Lord, Mary