Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Nov. 4, 1986 and 30 years later

It will be 30 years ago soon - I chose to leave a marriage that was painful for me and my children.
Without knowing how we would make it, I trusted God and His faithfulness to support us.
And, my trust was not misplaced.

When my ex-husband would rarely send child support, we struggled to survive and ate a lot of spaghetti with tomato sauce because it was cheap. I would purchase 4 small slivers of pork the Jewel sold for $2 and give one to each of the children for dinner. If my friends ever met for dinner out, I would order a salad and pray we would not split the check. And, once, I did humbly ask for assistance from the food pantry at church. Years of no new clothes - and saying no to some family fun because the cost of gas was too much for me that month - years of struggling financially - yet learning to trust that God provided and life was good.

He has provided through two new husbands that continue to amaze me with their love - and now - not needing anything - 30 years later - I am receiving child support checks!!
Yes - child support checks.
The government has located funds from social security - and redirected them to an old debt - from child support records - yes - he is made to pay off his debt to the children.
Since remarrying in 1995 to David, I have always divided any funds the government located by four and given them to my children - after all, they were meant to support them, not me.
So, today, 30 years later, I hear from the government again - and look forward to blessing my children - and they can now bless their children - with funds they should have had growing up.
God is faithful - and amazing.

I am on my knees today in gratitude to Him. He loves us so much. He is faithful - may He amaze you too!!