Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Walking Stick

After watching a movie called The Way, I thought of walking sticks. So, beginning a walk today, I searched for something to use - could I take the shovel off of the end of it's stick and use that? No - screwed on tight. (Thank goodness for when I shovel!)
Looking further, I saw an old, wooden head golf club. It was the last one I had from Adolph. Adolph was my third Dad - Mom's third husband. I only knew him to be sweet and gentle - a really gentle man.
He loved sports, and even though he was almost 80 when we began spending time on a golf course together, we would play 9 holes slowly and enjoy it. I can still hear him on the tee box saying "See all that beautiful green, Mary?" "Yes", I would reply. "And, I can't hit any of it!" he would playfully joke.
The golf club, now my walking stick, reminded me of the round when we were standing with the entire fairway between us on the first hole. My drive had gone right and his had gone left. He stood over his and swung hard. With his hand over his eyes, he struggled to find the flight of his ball in the air. Searching, searching. I waited. He looked at me and shrugged his shoulders. I pointed downward. Unfortunately, that swing had never made contact. The ball was laying exactly where it had been. He looked down, shrugged his shoulders, swung again and laughed.
So, as I took his golf club for a walk today (it made a pretty good walking stick), I was reminded of a gentle man and a great sport.
Adolph may be celebrating an amazing round of golf in heaven right now. I like to think he is - and maybe David is helping him search for his ball :)
God bless any round you get to play - and who you get to play it with.
For Jesus' Glory.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Times Change

With their busy lives once they go to school, time together changes with grandchildren.
School is out for Spring Break - time for a sleepover.
Fun with crafts, card games and a volleyball.
But, it got late fast.
So, as he was struggling to fall asleep - could it have been a few cookies giving him too much energy?? - his sister ran through the routine. After reading stories and saying prayers, she sang to him - she gently rubbed his arm - she softly reminded him that it was time to close his eyes and stop talking. Grandma put on soft music.
He asked that Grandma rub his back as his sister rubbed his arm.
Nothing worked.
Grandma had a final thought and picked him up -
"I remember what used to put you to sleep", she gently suggested, as she stood up with him, laid his head on her shoulder and rocked back and forth.
The rocking lasted for a short time - and a little voice was heard - the same little voice that used to be silenced by her rocking - but now, out came a gentle reminder that times had changed.
"Put me down, Buster."
It was not said loudly - just playfully - as he arched his back in super hero style.
He repeated it again - "Put me down, Buster."
And, as his sister and Grandma exchanged glances, they broke into laughter - Not an easy way to get anyone to sleep!
But, a fun way to spend an evening.
So, as she put him down, she realized times had changed. Children had grown up and had different ways of falling asleep than rocking in her arms.
And, then, there was the reminder of laughter.
A good sound in any home.
And, it certainly made for a good night.

Monday, March 12, 2012


Having difficulty falling asleep last night. So much on my mind - some good and some sad - and trying to take the thoughts captive.
Since I was awake, I lay in bed with the lights off and played the card game of hearts on my I-phone. Then I decided to try to sleep and turned off the game, I laid my phone on the side table and, with my eyes opened, stared at the ceiling. The light of the phone went off and the room was dark.
Suddenly, the light went back on.
"Who would call me - or text me - at this hour?" I thought, as I reached for it.
There was no call or text coming in, but the phone was lit up by the IPOD app. I looked at it again and it was ready to play a song - I had pushed nothing to get to the song, but did push the triangle to play the illuminated song.
"Crown Him With Many Crowns" played softly from my I-phone.
I cried as I remembered how amazing and big Our God is - and how I need to bow at His feet.
"What crown was I trying to wear by fretting?"
I put down the phone when it finished and lay in the dark for a while.
"Where did that song come from?" I wondered.
So, I searched on the IPOD app - and could only find it by pushing several buttons like "songs" and then searching under the "C's" for the title.
Since it was not easy to find, I wondered how it showed up so clearly and quickly a half hour ago.
Then, I decided - it was a gift from a messenger of God. It comforted me and put things in perspective so I could sleep. I pray it blesses you if you can't sleep.

Crown Him with many crowns, the Lamb upon His throne.
Hark! How the heavenly anthem drowns all music but its own.
Awake, my soul, and sing of Him who died for thee,
And hail Him as thy matchless King through all eternity.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lost and Found

It was a surprise to look at my ring finger and notice no center diamond! The rest of the ring was intact, but the prongs that held the center stone were standing straight up in the air - empty in their presentation.
I vacuumed the entire home - checking the bag for any sign of a small shiny object - to no avail.
Besides carefully vacuuming, I wiped all of the rest of the floors on my hands and knees - searching for any sign of this precious stone - again - to no avail.
My ring remained empty - showcasing the loss of a precious sentimental diamond.
Two weeks later, on an average morning, I hurriedly stepped toward the refrigerator and - WAIT - I felt something through my sock as I stepped. STOP!
I did.
As I turned around and bent down to pick up whatever crumb I had missed in my cleaning attempt the day before, I gasped.
Then, I gently picked up my diamond and watched it, as it rolled around in my hand - playfully glistening as the kitchen light reflected some of its glory.
How did it turn up weeks after my search - in the middle of a floor that I had wiped many times searching for it?
Only by the grace of God. He gave me back my precious stone and it remained a symbol of my engagement and marriage for many more years.
I am so grateful that God alone knows where everything is - and how precious it is to us - even when it seems lost.
Enjoy your lost and found - enjoy Our Lord - the giver of all good gifts. :)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Kiss

I was walking down a long hallway with a friend. The hallway was well lit - it had a lot of windows and was washed in light.
I passed three gentlemen, heads bowed together in prayer. After passing them, I realized that one of them was David. I stopped as my friend continued down the hallway. I turned around and waited. The prayer finished and one of the men walked to the left as the second man walked to the right and I approached David. As I put my arms around his neck for a hug, he simply smiled as his arms embraced me. And then, we kissed.
It was not a long kiss, but very familiar.
"I remember that kiss" I said as I gently smiled. A twinkle lingered in his eyes.
And, suddenly, the dream was over and I awoke.
But, it was long enough. Long enough to remind me of an amazing, tender, whimsical man's love - and to appreciate enjoying him, even if only in a dream.
Enjoy your dreams :)