Sunday, January 23, 2011

Simply Being

Reading a book on waiting. Realizing I don't do it often. I am usually quick to have an answer - even if it may not be the right answer. Actually, I usually have three of four choices for answers. Studying waiting has been eye opening. The line I am processing right now is "abandoning the side of us that wants to achieve and simply be". When I think of my life, I think of all the things I want to achieve - whether it is for me or someone else. I think of all the time I spend coming up with answers, solutions and remedies. Now, there is a certain amount of achieving necessary and, responsibly speaking, truly important. Yet, have I taken it to unnecessary levels? Have I been off balance? Can I truly enjoy simply "being" - simply being alive? Can I dismiss thoughts of who needs something - what needs to be fixed - or what needs to be accomplished and just spend some time "breathing" and enjoying that I am alive?
Yes - I have decided. I realized all the time I have spent on thoughts of making up for others needs - thinking I needed to fill a gap in someone else' life. Wow - I can picture the Lord laughing - "Look at Mary - there she goes again - trying to fix someone (or something for someone)." I think, in books, it is called a "Savior Complex".
Okay - I am spending time off the throne - I am going to enjoy simply being today -
I look outside and see diamonds sparkling - the top of the snow is simply dazzling - beauty in frigid temperatures - God's gift of seasons is amazing.
May you enjoy today - may it bless you to simply be -
and may we all give God His place on the throne of our lives. As, Jesus is an amazing Savior! For Jesus' Glory,