Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Quiet Season

It always seems like something huge makes us stop. Surgery, sickness or pain will become an opportunity to stop.
Opportunity? Yes, that is what I believe it is - an opportunity.
When I prepared myself for surgery in late January, I took the time to withdraw from all my commitments. After all, how could I minister to others when I did not know what I would need myself.
At that time, I did not see it as an opportunity - I saw it as a heavy interruption in my life.
It was very difficult. It is always difficult to walk through a season of life you did not want - or plan.
But, why is that?

Why is it so hard to stop and take care of ourselves and so easy to interrupt our lives to take care of others?
I wonder if I value others more than I value myself.

Well, my quiet season changed me. I took time to rest and recuperate - took time to build up my body and make it strong for the future - I took time for myself.
But, when you are quiet, you have to wrestle with thoughts of worth - value.
How can I be of value when I am just being still?

Now, it turned out that, even though the quiet time seemed boring, I learned a valuable lesson - just "being" has value.

My value is not dependent on anything of this earth - it is dependent on communion with Jesus. I am valuable because I was created to "be" - and He is at work continually - I do not have to be. And, when I have a quiet season, I need to embrace it to make myself stronger.

I believe I have been "busy" about My Father's Business - but I was also sidetracked with a lot of thoughts and actions that were not from Him - thoughts of "doing". It reminded me of the Biblical story of Martha and Mary - Martha was so busy and Mary just sat at Jesus' feet. And, He commended her for sitting at His feet.

So, whether you enter into a quiet season - or are in a busy season of your life - enjoy every opportunity to just "be" with Him - and He will take care of the work.

For Jesus' Glory, Mary

Monday, October 21, 2013

Your True Colors

OH - what a beautiful time of year in the Chicago area - all the true colors of the leaves are pushing through their green overcoat.
I think my favorite is the bright red - it looks like it is on fire, yet pure and not burning. I wonder if that is what the burning bush looked like to Moses.
And, I wonder - what is my true color under this green (actually peach) overcoat? Could it be an on-fire red? It seems to me that it could be when I am on the dance floor :)
Maybe I can display my bright color more often than when I let myself loose in dance?

And, I wonder about your true color - and how often you display it.
Well, no matter how often we get to display our true colors - I do know I never tire of seeing them.
And, I think they are even more beautiful when in a bunch of other colors - the variety is such amazing eye candy.
It takes the yellows, oranges, reds, evergreens and browns to truly display the beauty of this season.
God's unique creation of each of us is even more beautifully displayed when next to another unique creation.
Enjoy how God made you and display away!
For Jesus' Glory, Mary

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Warning Lights Part II

Walking up to the door of Tuffy, I prayed for the right words. I had already decided that I did not want the tip back, but did want an apology.
I asked for the mechanic that worked on my car and the manager asked me "Did the warning light go off?"
"I just want to speak to him in private, please." I said - not wanting to get anyone in trouble with their manager.
The manager stood alongside me as the mechanic approached.
"Can I talk to you about my warning light?" I asked.
"Did it go off?" asked the manager.
"Yes, it did," I said as some emotions started to form. I liked these guys - have done business with them for years. "It went off when I lowered the spare and filled it up to 32 - it was at 24."
The mechanic was the first to reply with "It was at 32 when I measured it."
"Well, pebbles and dirt fell when I lowered it - so it was not moved yesterday." I answered.

"We do not have to lower the spare to fill it. We have an air tool that can fill it in its position - here, let me show you."
He walked me over to his tool box - around two other mechanics already busy at work.
He took the tool over to a car over our heads and showed me the reading.
"This is how we can do it underneath - never lowering the car. And, I filled and measured yours yesterday."
"Either your spare has a leak or my tool is broken and not measuring correctly."
He took the tool over the the car above us again and the reading was different the second time.
"If the light does not go on again this week, you do not have a leak - and I need to replace this tool." said the mechanic.

The manager apologized for my trouble - the mechanic apologized, too - and I realized they had not lied.
But, I did not have all the facts - and it seemed to be the only conclusion.

I wonder how many times in life I have jumped to conclusions without all the facts.

On my way in there today, I thought it would be easier to just not go there anymore - but I wanted to confront them because I would want to be confronted - even if it was a lie - I could have forgiven them - and we could have had good business between us again.

"I am a Christian and working on not lying myself," I said. "But, have been known to do it at times. I am grateful you did not lie to me about my car."

They smiled.

It is going to be a good day.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Warning Lights

It starts every fall - for some reason. One or more tires lose pressure and the warning light goes on in my Toyota.
One season, all four tires checked out okay and I was informed that even the spare tire can lose air pressure. So, this year, when the light went on, I checked all four tires and they were okay. But decided to get help checking the spare when I next visited my mechanics - it did not look possible to gain access to the valve easily.
So, today, since it was time for new tires, I asked my friends at my favorite Tuffy - the only men who have worked on this vehicle since I purchased it over four years ago - to fill up the spare tire with air when they replace the other four tires. The visit took over three hours - I was promised it in 1 1/2 hours, but I understand busy and tried to be patient.

Now, I am always interested in tipping for good service. So, I tipped the man who worked on my car and as I drove off, I noticed the warning light was still lit. Doing a u-turn, I returned and as he approached my car, I asked him if he had accomplished filling the spare tire with air. "Yes - all your tires are the right pressure", he assured me.
"Well, the warning light is still on." I answered.
Then he said, "You may need to go to Toyota to ask about something in your electronic system - OH! - Wait - this happens to my father's car sometimes. It takes time to reset itself. Could take a week or two."
"Are you sure the new tires have all been checked?" I asked.
"Yes", he assured me - "pressure is good on all of your tires."
So, I drove off - and looked at that little light again every time I turned on the car - hoping it would reset itself soon.

Then, the thought occurred to me - they were really busy today. Could he have lied to me and not had the time to work on the spare?
Not a nice thought, I agree. But, my car has had very good warning lights in the past.

So, before going to bed tonight, I read the instruction booklet and lowered the spare tire so I could reach the valve to measure the pressure. I learned it was not that difficult to gain access to the valve. And, I took a reading looking for a 31 - but found a disappointing 24 - low enough to set off the warning light.

I have been lied to - and I will return to Tuffy tomorrow - after filling the spare with air - to ask for my tip back.

Blessings on your warning lights :)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Middle Woman

Standing in the doorway, blocking my entrance, the young Mom finally noticed me. She moved her stroller and waited her turn. The young lady at Mrs. Field's Cookies in the Outlet Mall took her order. I waited. She then asked for my order and I asked for the large cookie ordered for Trace's birthday party today.

"OH!" The young Mom exclaims as she is paying for her order. "I have a coupon on my phone - you get six free cookies with that large cookie!"
"Really?", I ask.
"Yes, I will show you!" she says as she pulls it up on her phone.
"It says it must be printed out, but let me ask - can she use this coupon for her order today?" she quizzes the sales clerk while showing her the coupon on her phone.
"Yes, I will give them to her." The sales clerk adds to our conversation.
"Well, thank you!" I say to both.
"I will take two chocolate chip, two oatmeal raisin and two peanut butter." I say as I surmise the case packed with treats.

I pay for my large cookie and as I walk out of the store, I notice the young Mom, now bent over feeding her child in the stroller, and I thank her again.

Walking into the Designer Fragrance Store a ways down, I gently slide the large cookie and the bag of smaller cookies on the counter near the register.
"Is that for us?" the sales clerk asks.
"No, but if you buy one, you get six smaller ones for free." I share.
"OH - I am just kidding. But it would be nice to get cookies for my employees." She says as she walks to look for the bottle of fragrance matching the empty one I pull from my purse.
As she returns with the fragrance and rings it up, I ask,
"How many employees do you have here today?"
"Hmmm" she says, as her eyes move slightly toward her eyebrows and she thinks, picturing each one in her head.
"There are six of us here today."
"Well," I say, "Here are two chocolate chip, two peanut butter and two oatmeal raisin cookies - six in all - enjoy"
"Really?" she says.
I place the bag on the counter.

So, I was simply the Middle Woman - walking in between a young Mom with a coupon to share and six employees at the fragrance store that needed a cookie break today.

We never know when The Good Lord may use others to bless us - and use us to bless others :))
Walking with Him is fun!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Clean Car

There is something beautiful about a clean car - well, actually, a clean anything is my preference. I have been accused of being a "clean freak" - maybe it is just a strength and a weakness.
So, getting ready to pick my boyfriend up from a long trip tonight, I decide to use the final coupon on my summer coupons for a car wash. The weather app on my phone predicted 0% chance of rain until tonight - after the airport run.
So, excited to have all the prior dirt and bugs removed, I enjoy the bubbles hitting my window - again, maybe the clean freak in me - or the child who likes bubbles - and I slowly pull into the stall to have it dried. I "over" tip the gentleman drying it - after all, he did spend a lot of time on it - and I am in a generous mood.
Making two stops on the way home, I avoid a dirty part of the road - driving slowly around hardened construction mud - and pull into the club house at Carillon for time on the elliptical machine before heading home. Twenty minutes on this machine always blesses my body.
As I get out of the car, I notice some drops that trailed down the windows after the young man's hard work.
So, I find paper towels in the back of my car - thank you, Lord, that I always carry them - and walk around the car with the finishing touch applied. It is a beautiful car, if I say so myself.
After ten minutes on the elliptical - while enjoying quick stepping praise music - I notice something happening outside the window. We call it rain.
Really? Really!!
I watch it - thinking of all the unnecessary work performed in the last hour on this car.
But, I still finish my workout - I don't know if rushing home would have saved me any drops.
And, as I exit the club house, the rain has stopped and the sun is out - brightly shining on all the wet drops on my car.

It reminds me that the best intentions in our lives may not always be the right timing - even if the timing makes sense to us - and we check with apps - and whatever other knowledge we have on earth.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart - and lean not on your own understanding." - OH - I love that verse.

And, I do know that whatever my car looks like for the rest of today - it will always be beautiful :)
Have a beautiful day!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Monday, August 19, 2013

Time To Write

What exactly encourages us to write? It is our thoughts needing form, a desire to be heard, a story to be shared, or simply a gift from God - writing - language - and expressing this gift.
Well, whatever it is, I choose to write. I enjoy writing. I guess I enjoy talking, too, so basically, I enjoy communicating. Lately, I think of this gift - communication - and the desire to be in relationship with others.
It is a privilege and an honor to know the people I know.
To think - we could have been put on this planet at any time - any century - then, any country - have learned any language - be given any genes from any parents - and through those genes, any form of body walking this earth - and, or course, any family.
So, as I focus on this century - I am so grateful I get to know about air travel, computers and information about the world - communicating with any part of this world - in seconds. It is amazing to be born in this era.
Then, Country and language - I love our Country - and I think I would choose English - and my accent. Just the other day in California, a gentleman asked me if I was from Chicago because he heard it in my accent - HA!
Now, family, which includes parents, genes and my body -
What a wonderful God we serve. I think He gave me the exact family He knew I would need - the exact parents and genes that would create a fascinating body - yes, fascinating - the way it works and supports my spirit - I am truly amazed every time it repairs itself - and how good it feels after a healthy meal. Then, there is that "happy" feeling in my body after I exercise - amazing!!
So, as I sit here amazed at God's creation of me - I pray you can be amazed at His creation of you.
And, I pray you realize how blessed I am to know you - to be on earth the same century and in the same country - and able to communicate with you - truly blessed.
God bless your communication with those in your world today - enjoy His timing and expressing His gift!!
And, as life changes and we may not have as much time together as we would prefer - remember - thanks to Jesus, we will have eternity together :)
For Jesus' Glory,

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

That Involved - Really?

Really? Can God be that involved in our lives - each detail?
The Bible says that He knows the number of our hairs - how minute is that?? - yet I rarely give enough thought of His complete involvement.
Then, today, there He was again - reminding me.
I had two different grocery lists on the same piece of paper - because I did not complete the first one yesterday.
Walking around in Jewel with my list, I realized I must have dropped the piece of paper - and could only remember one of the two remaining items. Did I want to back track all of my steps - each aisle I had already visited searching for my piece of paper? Well, actually, no, I didn't.
Turning into the aisle for my second to final item - a simple thought - "God, can you help me remember the final item? What was it?" - Blank mind. A rare thing in my head.
As I picked up an item in the aisle, John, the man from the dry cleaners next door, enters the aisle. "HI!" he says. "Hi, John!" "Good to see you!" I say back.
"It is hot at the cleaners today - we need more drinking water." He shares as he passes me with his empty cart.
I stop.
REALLY?? Yes, really. Bottled water was the item I could not remember. Then I remembered that there were only two left in my fridge and it was on my list.
John came down my aisle - the exact aisle - and not the water aisle - at the time I asked God a question - with my answer.
Yes, God is that involved.
Enjoy His involvement in your life today:)

Sunday, July 7, 2013


We are made in God's image - and, when we are at our best, we are imitating His attributes.
Today, I am focusing on order.
God is a God of order. How else could the sun be as hot as it is and not burn up the earth? Or the earth rotate at the exact speed it needs for life to survive? How could a moon orbit the earth in exactly the correct path to give us light at night and influence the oceans perfectly?
I love order. Coming home from a short trip - putting everything in its place - restocking the fridge - throwing out things no longer usable - organization - OH - I LOVE ORDER!
Maybe a little too much? I have been known to throw out things others were not ready to get rid of yet - and have used a "one year" policy with clothing - if you have not worn it in a year, you will probably not wear it, so give it to Salvation Army - or someone who can wear it this year :)
Now, my little world is nothing compared to the large galaxy God put in order - or, should I say galaxies!! But it is what God has put me in charge of for today - and I want to please Him with keeping things in order like He would.
So, enjoy what you have charge of to keep in "order" - enjoy God's attribute of order in you -
"Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea ... over all the earth ..."
Enjoy today!!
For Jesus' Glory,

Friday, June 28, 2013

A Mother's Love

It seems that lessons learned can be painful - and as a Mom, it has always been my desire to help my children avoid pain. I am learning a valuable lesson. When we try to help our children avoid pain, we may be taking away a lesson God wants them to learn - something that will bring lasting happiness - more than a temporary fix.
Whenever I give advice - it is not because I think I know more - well, maybe I sometimes think I do - but it is usually because I want to help others.
David always said "Our strengths are Our weaknesses" - and my strength of helping others - or desiring to - can be a weakness when I try to help without them asking.
Now, that sounds simple - just wait to be asked for my opinion. Doesn't it?
But, it is not - it is a battle in my mind not to say something that I think will bless someone.
Recently, some things exploded in my family and God has done wonderful things with the pieces.
After the explosion was reconciled, I promised myself not to say anything to my children until I was asked - and within hours - yes hours -
I found my mouth giving advice to another child! Hours?? Really??
Yes. And, unsolicited advice!!
Well, God bless our Mother's hearts - God bless the love we feel so strongly that we do not want our children to experience pain - and God bless us to allow God to work in our children's lives - instead of us - and trust Him to teach them with His gentle love - even if the experience is painful for a little while.
And, I do believe that your Mom - and however she said it - did mean the advice she gave you as a help - not a hurt. I really do. That is a Mother's Love. Please forgive her and pray for her - and watch what God can do with the pieces.
Thanks -
For Jesus' Glory,
A Mom

Sunday, June 23, 2013

And I Wonder

Wonder is a sweet word - brings thoughts of things that take your breath away.
Wonder also implies thinking - pondering - and this morning, I am wondering.
Can I keep my focus, during this wonder, on the positive thoughts - things that take my breath away?
It begins with parenting - a lot of thoughts of parenting today.
I heard that my parents, while my Mom was pregnant with her fifth child, were homeless - all belongings were put on the street because they did not have the rent money. I believe it was caused by my Dad's gambling - but only think that because I know he had a good job with the electric company. I do wonder, though.
What could it have done to my Mom? What thoughts did the enemy fill her head with and what fears became her companions during that time?
Here, I arrive, years later - and, though I was a blessing from God, what did she have to give me as an infant? Did she have any security in her life to provide for so many children? Or, did I receive her fears? Just wondering.

Because, here I am today. A blessed, grateful woman of God. A grateful Mom and Grandma -
and I sit in wonder about what God has made of my life and what He will make of my children's lives. And, it takes my breath away :)
"God will work all things out for good, for those who love Him and have been called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28
God can take all I have been - all of my past - and all of my present - and make a beautiful future out of it because I love Him - and want His purposes to prevail in my life.
Have your way, Lord - Take my breath away :)
You are a wonder-ful God!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sweet Memories

I can still see him - lying on my lap the day he was born. And, then I see him sitting up on the bed for the first time as I place a baseball cap on his head for a picture. And, of course, the first time I handed him a bat - he started to swing and turned around to bat lefty - I had set him up righty - and he changed his stance.
Now, I see him riding his big wheel and wrestling with his brother. And, again, graduating. First from Kindergarten, then eighth grade, then high school and, finally, from college - walking proudly toward us behind the professor at NIU.
So many other memories flood my mind as I think of a son the Lord entrusted to my care. So many emotions of gratitude that I was given the honor of being a part of his life.
And, on Sunday, I will dance a mother-son dance with him at his wedding. He will continue to make memories with a beautiful lady - a true blessing to all of our lives.
Thank You, Lord, for the opportunity to love people. Thank you for all those You have given us to love.
I am overflowing with gratitude.
May God bless you today with sweet memories of those you love - and may He bless you with making new memories and new friends and family to love.
For Jesus' Glory,

Friday, April 26, 2013


I heard a new song by a group called Hawk Nelson and it is called Words.
God gave us power through words - demonstrated by the power of His Word in our lives. And, this morning, I wonder how much thought we put into our words.
For me, it seems that I can blurt out everything I think - and a lot of it does not need to be uttered.

As a writer, I hope to convey His Love through my words.

Very often I am amazed - totally amazed - at thoughts of God. If I stop and think of all He has given me, starting with the gift of living this life - just breathing - and I stop to look at the sun rise this morning - that I get to see the sun rise - that I have eyes to see - and the beautiful glow the sun brings to a patch of grass - or look at a blade of grass - knowing it receives nourishment from soil and water and gives off oxygen for us to breathe - and then think that I get to breathe - my lungs going in and out in rhythm without me thinking about breathing - and this keeps me moving all day - God's gift of breath!!

It is so easy to become amazed at God - and these tents He created for us to walk this earth in - and that we get to walk the earth - it is all so amazing - that - I should not probably say anything - my words are so - well - so inadequate.
Yet, I am compelled to write - so may my words honor Him.

Whatever you do today - may you have a few moments of amazement at Our Creator's touch in your life - or in your body.
And, may any words you utter be full of awe for God and thanksgiving. We serve an amazing - truly amazing God.

I am praying my words honor Him today.

Saturday, March 23, 2013


It is contagious! When a friend calls to ask you to write on your blog site - you are filled with joy - just knowing someone likes your stories :)
I love to tell stories! My latest is a story of joy.

It seems possible for God to continue to bring joy - more and more of it - when we ask and look. I believe it is a Biblical command: "seek and you shall find".
Well, I have been seeking joy since my David passed - looking in all kinds of faces and places. It has been found - more times than I can count - and, now it is in abundance in a new friendship.
This new friend lost his wife 2 1/2 years ago. Just this January, he asked God for joy - and got the courage to call me. A mutual friend gave him my number last summer.

In God's perfect timing, he called and our first "date", which he called an "interview" was March 1st. Each "interview" has gotten better and better and we are now officially dating.

It seems to me that new relationships can bring added joy to an already joyful life.
When we laugh together - alongside someone - the joy is multiplied.
So, my prayer for you is that you are asking God for more joy - and that your joy becomes multiplied.
It is a tremendously thrilling way to go through each day.
And, I believe Christ invented joy and laughter - I think He was laughing before he designed man - because He had already designed giraffes!

Enjoy today :)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ash Wednesday

Ginger Creek held an Ash Wednesday service last night that was inspiring.
We were given the opportunity to worship God in song, worship Him by receiving communion, worship Him through Scripture teaching and worship Him by receiving ashes on our foreheads. Each experience opportunity was Scripture-ally explained.

It was a wonderful service and I walked out of there thinking of what I can give during these next 40 days - preparing for Easter - instead of what I can give up. I decided to give Him my thoughts - and to focus more on His Holiness and less on my life.

Upon arriving home, I muddled through some TV and, on Channel 11, found an amazing program about outer space. The program had satellite shots of our planet and the sun that were so marvelous - really beyond my words - and I saw God's HUGENESS in pictures of His creation. The scientists acknowledged how little we know about our "outer space" and planet. I sat and basked in thinking of our Holy God - who knows.

This led me to thoughts of The Knowledge Of The Holy - A.W. Tozer's book - which I have read and then given away numerous times - yet it remains my favorite choice for a book on my nightstand. Each chapter speaks of one of God's attributes and reminds me of how HUGE and how HOLY Our God is - which I love to be reminded of as I close my day.

Looking it up on Amazon, I was getting ready to order it - again - and saw it was available on Kindle for $.99. Really? I received a Kindle for my birthday last month and have yet to really dive into it. So, I ordered it and was able to sit and open this wonderful book in my Kindle early this morning.

I am amazed at what $.99 can purchase!! I have the most amazing book (next to the Bible) available forever on this computer device - and I can be reminded to focus on God's Holiness not only for 40 days - but for the rest of my life!!

May your thoughts enjoy our Holy, Amazing God - however you focus on His attributes :)

For Jesus' Glory,

Monday, February 11, 2013

My Past Idol Worship

I have spent several weeks trying to discern my feelings in several relationships. Processing and the mental torment that can come with some thoughts do not seem like they are from God. And, thoughts have taken up a lot of my gift of time
- which is so precious.

This morning, when I woke up, I immediately went to my knees and prayed for discernment. I am amazed at how quickly The Lord can answer our prayers! Within an hour, it was revealed to me that I have made an idol out of relationships. I have spent way too much time on thoughts of others - and how we relate. I repented of idol worship - which had made relationships huge in my life - and am now free :) When my focus was spent on what others thought - or what I should do about what they did or did not do, I was spending precious time on thoughts that could, instead, be thoughts of love - and focus on how big God is - and what He did for me.

Our time and our thoughts - what do we spend them on?

I choose the verse in Philippians - 4:8 "Finally, brothers, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy - meditate on THESE things."

Sweet - God's Word gives us directives on our thoughts - and a way to focus for today!

Lord bless each of us with a Philippians 4:8 day - may our thoughts be focused on these lovely things.
For Jesus' Glory,

Friday, February 1, 2013

Surgery and Recovery

This past week, I was blessed with successful surgery.
Preparing for it did not feel like a blessing, but keeping my
focus on God's will for my body did help.
Now, as I recover, I count my blessings. I was blessed with family
at the hospital - I was blessed with nourishment, flowers, phone
calls and cards from family and friends.
I was blessed with a warm place to come home to in this very cold weather.

Counting our blessings - if that is all we do all day - we will have
a very good day :)

As my body heals, I thank God for the blessing of medical expertise.
I thank Him for all they know in order to help put our temples in
their best working order.

And, I thank Him for you - because if you read this - you are a
blessing in my life from Him - and I count you when I count my blessings.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Celebrating Life

I wonder when birthdays became something we celebrated.
Whoever came up with the idea?
Paying attention to the date someone was born - celebrating
when they first breathed life and counting the years of life that have passed!

If I knew, I would like to thank them. Big time!
My children threw a birthday party for me
and it was a highlight in my life. Seeing family and friends faces with smiles, being embraced with genuine hugs and scanning the room full of joyful people. I am honored to know these people - let alone be loved by them.
What a great celebration!

It is becoming difficult to try to wrap my mind around how it made me feel. I like the example of what Jimmy Stewart might have felt at the end of the movie "It's A Wonderful Life", as people left his home and he tried to grasp the love that was demonstrated. His face was shining with a brilliance - and I feel that mine is still aglow. Love can do that. It has the power to make your face brilliant in color and your smile larger than life.

There have been several times in my life that I have felt totally and completely loved - and it is a very good feeling. In fact, I think I will hold onto it. I do believe it will make me more of a loving person - it can't help but spill out - for I am filled to overflowing :)

God can do amazing things through human beings. I believe it was Him loving me all along - through His love demonstrated by a celebration of those He has put in my life.

What an amazing God we have - and what amazing people He lets me love back!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Tiramasu for Our Eyes

Oh, yes. Those beautiful pictures - faces, scenes, experiences, that become candy for our eyes. Enjoyment - tasting the richness of life. As I age, I should probably call them "tiramasu" for my eyes - for it is richer to my taste buds than candy :)

I recently wrote a short poem about one of them - and, yes, I am moving forward - as we all do - yet, I do remember with sweetness - the tiramasu eye moments like beach visits.

"I can still see him sitting with a beach chair for support,
his book propped on his lap
basking in the sun as the ocean waves crash
His glasses shield his eyes from the strong rays
as he reaches for his water.
He shoots a smile my way -
the smile twinkles like the water
sparkling bright and playfully.
I smile back and wiggle in my chair
the umbrella providing shade I enjoy.
Pompano, oh Pompano -
Your heart calls me home
to walk where we walked together
so many times
We shared so much of life together
under your sun and moon."

Tiramasu for our eyes -
Here is to Our Lord providing new memories for each of us -
new smiles along our journey -
May you be making tiramasu for another set of eyes today - especially as the Lord watches :)

Enjoy life!