Saturday, February 7, 2015

God's Timing

It began with a little frustration. The morning was not going how I had "pictured" it and it looked like my timing would be off for at least two hours to get an oil change at the dealer. Now, two hours does not sound like a lot, but I was concerned about driving a lot the next several days and wanted to be sure they could fit me in. So, frustration led to beginnings of "angst" in my spirit. I tried unsuccessfully to quench these feelings.
When I finally arrived, I was in time and they could fit me in. I was relieved and sat down in the waiting room for, according to them, an hour.
The conversation began when another man walked in with a jacket that read "Semper Fi" - and I thanked him for serving in the marines. We laughed about being a marine at home vs. in the service, but the laugh was quenched as he walked to the men's room and his wife told me they were having problems with just that - and were probably looking at a divorce.
We spoke gently while he was away, but the conversation continued with the three of us as he returned - they knew the Bible and we were able to quote Scripture in our discussion of how a husband and wife should treat each other.
Before the hour was up, I was told my car was ready - and I hesitantly reached for the keys - I was not ready to leave the conversation.
We hugged and blessed each other as we parted - and they asked where I went to church.
I quietly gave the name of my church - and, though I am struggling there, I pray it blesses them if they check it out.
And, I thank God for His perfect timing - because the two hours that did not go according to my plan were part of a greater plan - His :)
For Jesus' Glory!