Wednesday, July 10, 2013

That Involved - Really?

Really? Can God be that involved in our lives - each detail?
The Bible says that He knows the number of our hairs - how minute is that?? - yet I rarely give enough thought of His complete involvement.
Then, today, there He was again - reminding me.
I had two different grocery lists on the same piece of paper - because I did not complete the first one yesterday.
Walking around in Jewel with my list, I realized I must have dropped the piece of paper - and could only remember one of the two remaining items. Did I want to back track all of my steps - each aisle I had already visited searching for my piece of paper? Well, actually, no, I didn't.
Turning into the aisle for my second to final item - a simple thought - "God, can you help me remember the final item? What was it?" - Blank mind. A rare thing in my head.
As I picked up an item in the aisle, John, the man from the dry cleaners next door, enters the aisle. "HI!" he says. "Hi, John!" "Good to see you!" I say back.
"It is hot at the cleaners today - we need more drinking water." He shares as he passes me with his empty cart.
I stop.
REALLY?? Yes, really. Bottled water was the item I could not remember. Then I remembered that there were only two left in my fridge and it was on my list.
John came down my aisle - the exact aisle - and not the water aisle - at the time I asked God a question - with my answer.
Yes, God is that involved.
Enjoy His involvement in your life today:)

Sunday, July 7, 2013


We are made in God's image - and, when we are at our best, we are imitating His attributes.
Today, I am focusing on order.
God is a God of order. How else could the sun be as hot as it is and not burn up the earth? Or the earth rotate at the exact speed it needs for life to survive? How could a moon orbit the earth in exactly the correct path to give us light at night and influence the oceans perfectly?
I love order. Coming home from a short trip - putting everything in its place - restocking the fridge - throwing out things no longer usable - organization - OH - I LOVE ORDER!
Maybe a little too much? I have been known to throw out things others were not ready to get rid of yet - and have used a "one year" policy with clothing - if you have not worn it in a year, you will probably not wear it, so give it to Salvation Army - or someone who can wear it this year :)
Now, my little world is nothing compared to the large galaxy God put in order - or, should I say galaxies!! But it is what God has put me in charge of for today - and I want to please Him with keeping things in order like He would.
So, enjoy what you have charge of to keep in "order" - enjoy God's attribute of order in you -
"Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea ... over all the earth ..."
Enjoy today!!
For Jesus' Glory,