Thursday, February 4, 2016

May 26, 1979

Walking behind my son and the nurse today, as she guided us to a room to discuss recovery from his recent knee surgery, I overheard her verify his name and birthday. As he said "May 26, 1979", I smiled and drifted back.
That was a great day1
I was waiting for my third child to be born and labor was starting. His due date was a week away, but I was ready. Sharing my body had become uncomfortable.
Once at the hospital, they said the baby was ready and they were preparing me for the delivery room, I was surprised. This labor did not seem as intense or as long as the other two.
As the Doctor was delivering the baby, his eyes opened wider and wider. He was a larger baby than he anticipated.
"9 pounds, 12 ounces" he repeated when he visited me in the recovery room. "I am so sorry - I had no idea." he repeated again and again.
"Sorry?" I questioned - I did not understand. Would he have done things differently if I was overdue instead of ahead of schedule?
He was my largest baby, and I decided his size meant he would be my healthiest. He would be a strong boy.
I remember laying him on my lap once I was in my room - and it did seem like he might have been crunched inside of the smallness of my womb. But he was healthy and calm. A very good baby.
Yes - drifting back - and thanking God -
It was a very good day!!