Thursday, October 22, 2009

New thoughts

These thoughts may not be new to you - but today I realized something new to me. While playing with my five month old granddaughter, I realized the dramatic changes that take place when people become parents. The multitude of things that change - which includes the use of your time - because now your time is not your own. You must put someone else first - and that includes if you would like to sleep :)
Also, when you begin dating someone or get married, these same type of changes take place. Suddenly, your usage of time is determined by considering someone else first. Another person is factored into your decision making and choices - and you usually choose to meet the other person's needs first before thinking of your own.
Now, this may sound simple, but it has helped me.
You see, because of these thoughts, I feel so "normal". The adjustment of our time when we lose someone who has played an important role in the quality and quantity of our time each day is simply the reverse of gaining someone important to the quality and quantity of your time each day. Each has a huge adjustment period and sacrifices need to be made for both.
God has gotten me through many sleepless nights as a new parent, when I had no energy myself. His grace has been sufficient when He has added people to love to my life.
Because of this, I know He will get me through many years of missing David, especially when I have no energy myself to keep going. His grace is sufficient when He has called someone I love home.
It is that simple.
His grace is sufficient.
Love you,