Thursday, September 20, 2012

Feeling Normal!!

Wow! Can a little bug really affect our bodies. Thinking I had a head cold, I decided to cancel some appointments - good call - only to come down with a fever.
Now, if you have not had one lately - I do not recommend it. Besides your head feeling like it is moving without your help, everything from tile floor to sheets becomes freezing! Trying to consume fluids - keeping cold compresses on your head - the remedies help, but until you experience that wonderful sweat that means it has broken - it is a "trip" as they would say in the 60's :)
And, then comes the morning! Glorious! Very weak, yet thrilled to not experience the freezing tile, I walk gingerly - testing the waters. My head is back to normal - oh - this feels good.
So, I wonder - do we really ever appreciate these tremendous bodies? I think I take mine for granted sometimes. Waking up and moving about normally - what a blessing!
I appreciate the little things this morning - desiring a bowl of cereal - doing laundry - actually, any movement that allows me to go from point A to point B without dizziness!
So, I thank God for my "earthly tent" that houses my spirit - and the way He designed it to carry me about my day.
May you enjoy your body today - the complexity of such a gift amazes me and I am so grateful for the design!

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Friends! Painting the laundry room - yes - a beautiful shade of "sandy beach" so I can do laundry while near the ocean :) - my mind keeps focusing on one thing: Going back on this site to apologize - my conscience requires it!
Words are amazing - they can do so much good - and yet, can also be confusing.
So, just to be sure I am writing correctly, I am grateful that I now know laws
of cell phones in construction areas.
In fact, it has been a long time coming for me to take using my cell phone while
driving seriously.
Think about it - if I am on the phone, I am not giving my full attention to either
the phone call or to my driving - two very important things - because they involve others. I truly desire to give my full attention to anyone I am on the phone with and I really want to give my full attention to other drivers - or pedestrians - because I would want the same from them while operating a huge vehicle!
So, there it is - joking about it may have been a little "over the top" and if so, I apologize. I do want to enjoy life and I love to joke -
but, driving is serious business.
Love you!

Monday, September 10, 2012

$.75 or $120?

It started by having my credit card statement say "$40 for Replenishing I-Pass" way too often. So, I called the I-Pass office and found out that every time I go onto I-88 or 355, the minimum - yes minimum cost is $.75 or $1.50 for a round trip to Villa Park, Lombard, Lisle or Elmhurst from Aurora. I thought we were still paying $.40 each way - or a total of $.80 for a round trip.
Now, I have often believed that if we take care of the pennies, God will take care of the dollars and I am accountable to Him for how I spend what He has entrusted to me. I have truly believed it all belongs to Him - and try to spend accordingly.
So, I decided to take Ogden, Butterfield or Roosevelt Road lately - avoiding the costly expressways. Yes, it takes a little more time - but I decided it was worth it.
Until today.
Coming out of a restaurant on Butterfield Road, just west of Naperville Road - where the longest construction project ever is still taking place - I passed Naperville Road (avoiding taking the expressway home - HA - saved $.75) and, as I continued west on Butterfield Road, noticed a police officer looking at me. I checked my speed and was happy to see that I was going the limit, so I continued on - talking to my brother on my cell phone. It was rare that I did not plug in my hands free cord to speak while driving - but knowing I was not in Chicago, I thought I was okay.
When I saw the lights - I knew I was caught - but not sure for what. He instructed me that talking on the cell phone in construction or school zones was illegal - OUCH!
He said I could use my cord attached to my phone - and thus be on it - anytime - anywhere - even around the airports in Chicago - as long as my hands were free.
And, the ticket issued for $120 not only taught me a lesson on the rules I was not aware of - it also made me long for the expressway :)