Thursday, December 15, 2011


Returning lamps because of the lead content proved interesting. Pottery Barn was wonderful, but on returning home, I suddenly realized how dark the room was without those lamps.
We are called to be "light" to this dark world. (Matthew 5:14)
It is easy to see the darkness in our world - we hear it on the news and in each person's daily struggles. There is so much pain and darkness.
And, I wondered - could the light of Christ inside me make the same difference a light in a dark room makes? Could Christ's presence in me brighten some of the darkness I daily face?
As I sat in the dark room, finally having some illuminating light from a fixture in the next room, I pondered the thought - can the light inside me even pour into another person's life - after illuminating mine?
It was an AHA moment.
That light from the other room not only brightened up that room, but, through the lack of any light in the next room, sprinkled another space with some of the light.
Keeping this in mind today, I pray you and I will allow Christ's light in us to not only brighten any darkness in our lives, but pour out into other spaces that are not currently illuminated :)
Have a bright day!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lead and a ring

Cutting off labels on wires for my new lamps, I noticed one saying that the lead in the lamp can cause cancer. I called the store and they said they could take them back. Searching articles, I found out that you need to put the lead part of the lamp in your mouth or touch it and then touch your mouth. This is especially true with stained glass, they say. Reading further articles, it is also noted that the "green fluorescent bulbs" I have been purchasing - because they use less energy and last longer - are said to emit three types of cancer causing chemicals if left on too long.
Well, how long is too long?
The article actually suggested you not read too close to this type of light bulb.
So, I am gleaning my home - hoping to return lamps tomorrow and change all light bulbs to the old fashioned ones. Maybe I need to read more labels :)

Yesterday, I noticed something in a parking lot and picked it up. It was a beautiful ring with a dark center stone - like a midnight sky surrounded by bright stars. I turned it into the lost and found of that store in the hopes of the owner remembering to call them.
Now, if it is not claimed in 30 days, they will call me.
So, it is a win-win. Either someone gets back a beautiful ring or I get a new one.
Sometimes, it helps to keep our eyes on where we are headed :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Looking UP

Well, I kept hearing the thought "look up". I try to keep my chin up, unless I am being humble at church :)
But, thinking of looking up - I tried it for a day or so - I looked on top of the fridge, on the top shelf in the fridge, on top of shelves in every room - or so I thought.
When I purchased a small ironing board and put in the second bedroom closet yesterday, I thought it was a good idea. Then, today I found a "travel iron" I purchased years ago and decided to add it to the ironing board closet. And, as I set it on the upper shelf in that closet, there were papers. Now, I thought, what papers would be in this closet? Oh YES - it was the missing pieces of mail. I did not spend a lot of time figuring out what I had gone in that closet for two days ago - I just thanked God that in looking up, I found what I had lost.
So, may you keep looking up -
You never know what you will find. :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Somewhere now holds my mail ?!

So I slowly walked into the garage perusing the mail. As I bent down to place some of it in the recycle bin, I remember deciding to keep three pieces - a card addressed to Aunt Mary, a bank statement and a pottery barn Christmas present brochure.
That was three hours ago. I know I walked into the house with them, yet I have searched the garage three times. There are two usual places inside where I put mail - both are empty.
Since I now live in a smaller home, there are less places they can be.
But, the question is "Where are they?"
How can I possibly lose three pieces of mail just walking them into the home?
Now, do not blame it on age - I do agree that I am older, but I blame it on moving. My head is so full of so many thoughts since moving - so many things trying to find new places in my home - and so many places trying to claim their right to retain furniture!
I remember getting a phone call as I walked in - but which call was it? So, I checked the time on my phone calls this afternoon - there were two in the time frame that would have handled the mail. But which call took me somewhere - and that somewhere now holds my mail?! I remember putting a bed together after the mail delivery - but have checked everywhere around the bed - even under the covers!
So, the dilema continues - oh - that is not how you spell dilema - okay I checked - love these computers - it is dilemma -
So, the dilemma continues - will the pieces of mail show up?
Well, I know the Holy Spirit knows where they are, but He has not revealed it to me yet. I have asked. We will see when He decides to tell me.
In the meantime, whatever niece sent me a card - I hope to find it someday. The bank statement can wait and pottery barn has seen me enough this year.
Here is to your mail today - may you know where you put it :)
Love to you!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Defender

Have you ever had someone defend you? Does it get any better than having something going on and a person steps in and defends your position or your character?
The feeling of being understood and defended is one of the best. It does not battle with feelings of pride for it is a feeling dependent on another - not yourself.
To be understood, accepted completely and loved in a way that you feel secure is a great gift I have experienced.
God has blessed me with many friends and these relationships are priceless. A few of them would defend me and I pray I would defend them.
For today, I am remembering the first time my car broke down after I met David. I called him and he and Ken were at the side of my car in a flash. I remember, after being a single Mom for the previous 7 years, liking the feeling of someone caring enough to drop whatever they were doing when I was in trouble and arriving in minutes. It was new for me to have someone so caring to "come to my aid".
And, I think the best part of it was that there was no condemnation. I had often been condemned when I was in tough situations with things going wrong.
So, this different feeling - of being taken care of without condemnation - was brought into my life and I devoured it. I welcomed it like my dry tongue would welcome water in a desert.
And, I felt defended and taken care of - all in a single act of friendship. Through the grace of God, an uncountable number of events have taken place since that day, all allowing me the same feeling - defended and taken care of without condemnation.

God offers us that - and I receive it. I love when He defends us, takes care of us and, Romans 8:1 "Therefore, there is now, no condemnation, for those who are in Christ Jesus." I receive Christ's gift of no condemnation.
I got used to David being my special human example of God's defense at my side every minute. I accept God's Word will continue to give me the defense and love I long for.
Fill any empty places in us, Lord.
For Jesus' Glory.