Friday, April 26, 2013


I heard a new song by a group called Hawk Nelson and it is called Words.
God gave us power through words - demonstrated by the power of His Word in our lives. And, this morning, I wonder how much thought we put into our words.
For me, it seems that I can blurt out everything I think - and a lot of it does not need to be uttered.

As a writer, I hope to convey His Love through my words.

Very often I am amazed - totally amazed - at thoughts of God. If I stop and think of all He has given me, starting with the gift of living this life - just breathing - and I stop to look at the sun rise this morning - that I get to see the sun rise - that I have eyes to see - and the beautiful glow the sun brings to a patch of grass - or look at a blade of grass - knowing it receives nourishment from soil and water and gives off oxygen for us to breathe - and then think that I get to breathe - my lungs going in and out in rhythm without me thinking about breathing - and this keeps me moving all day - God's gift of breath!!

It is so easy to become amazed at God - and these tents He created for us to walk this earth in - and that we get to walk the earth - it is all so amazing - that - I should not probably say anything - my words are so - well - so inadequate.
Yet, I am compelled to write - so may my words honor Him.

Whatever you do today - may you have a few moments of amazement at Our Creator's touch in your life - or in your body.
And, may any words you utter be full of awe for God and thanksgiving. We serve an amazing - truly amazing God.

I am praying my words honor Him today.