Monday, August 19, 2013

Time To Write

What exactly encourages us to write? It is our thoughts needing form, a desire to be heard, a story to be shared, or simply a gift from God - writing - language - and expressing this gift.
Well, whatever it is, I choose to write. I enjoy writing. I guess I enjoy talking, too, so basically, I enjoy communicating. Lately, I think of this gift - communication - and the desire to be in relationship with others.
It is a privilege and an honor to know the people I know.
To think - we could have been put on this planet at any time - any century - then, any country - have learned any language - be given any genes from any parents - and through those genes, any form of body walking this earth - and, or course, any family.
So, as I focus on this century - I am so grateful I get to know about air travel, computers and information about the world - communicating with any part of this world - in seconds. It is amazing to be born in this era.
Then, Country and language - I love our Country - and I think I would choose English - and my accent. Just the other day in California, a gentleman asked me if I was from Chicago because he heard it in my accent - HA!
Now, family, which includes parents, genes and my body -
What a wonderful God we serve. I think He gave me the exact family He knew I would need - the exact parents and genes that would create a fascinating body - yes, fascinating - the way it works and supports my spirit - I am truly amazed every time it repairs itself - and how good it feels after a healthy meal. Then, there is that "happy" feeling in my body after I exercise - amazing!!
So, as I sit here amazed at God's creation of me - I pray you can be amazed at His creation of you.
And, I pray you realize how blessed I am to know you - to be on earth the same century and in the same country - and able to communicate with you - truly blessed.
God bless your communication with those in your world today - enjoy His timing and expressing His gift!!
And, as life changes and we may not have as much time together as we would prefer - remember - thanks to Jesus, we will have eternity together :)
For Jesus' Glory,