Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Really? An onion?

The ball game was cancelled due to bad weather, and driving home, we were running into Jewel. An ominous cloud covering was heading our way. I told El a story about the time I was in a Jewel with Macy and weather was bad. We waited out a tornado warning in the candy aisle - enjoying a box of nerds.
El headed toward produce and I headed toward the first aid aisle. Within minutes, an announcement asked all customers to head to the back of the store, as a tornado warning had been issued. I grabbed bite-x and joined the other customers amid the boxes, freezers and cement in the back room. El soon joined me with her future purchases. We were a group of around 15 waiting there - and as I showed El my bite-x, a white coat approached. "Are you questioning the product?" she asked. She was a pharmacist. I showed her the welt on my left arm.
Earlier today, while shoveling some rocks, something did not like me disturbing its home. "It doesn't itch, and this product takes away itching," I answered her.
"Do take some benadryl orally, for an allergic reaction," she said. "And, cut an onion in half and hold it on the welt to draw out anything that may be in there." "Onion?" I questioned. "Yes, any type," she said. I thanked her.
We made our purchases, including a new addition to my list - an onion. As we headed out, we both noticed a woman, sitting on a bench with her groceries bagged, whose body began to shake. The shaking increased as El and I walked toward her. With El on one side and me on the other, we held her up as a seizure took over her body. We called for help from the employees. Two came running and said this woman had a seizure earlier, and her friend had gone to get the car. El ran outside in the rain, found the friend and updated her on her friend's latest seizure.
We walked to our car, thinking of all that took place in a simple stop at Jewel.
When I got home, as I took the pharmacist's advice and removed the onion from sitting on my welt, the red welt was now flesh colored and the swelling was down 90%.
An onion?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


We were walking down the street, 2 year old Maddy and I, when we heard small children playing in their back yard. We turned toward their yard to watch, said hello, and there it was. Joy - in the form of children giggling as they jumped in a small wading pool. Maddy, without hesitation (or a swimsuit), immediately jumped in. Splashing and giggling, she shrieked with joy.
Such a small amount of water, not wearing the correct apparel and not aware of anything other than one thing - enjoying life.
Could it really be that easy? Could we stop thinking about what others think or what clothes we are wearing?
Maddy did.
I think she searches for fun. I think it is natural in her.
Did it used to be natural in us and we "grew up"?
I picture God, watching us each day, like I was watching Maddy - and I think He enjoys watching us enjoy life. It sure did brighten my day to watch her have so much fun.
Can we just jump in and giggle once in a while -
Maybe even search for fun?
And, in doing so, bring a smile to Our Father's face?
I can learn from a 2 year old.
Here's to finding joy today!