Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Rushing - let's slow down

I was late for my next appointment and was running out of Panera.
She stopped me - looked at me - and remembered - "Mary"?
"Barb!" I excitedly hugged her.
"No, Pam" she graciously explained.
Of course I remember - who could forget such a sweet lady. But, in a hurry, my brain scrambled and it scrambled with bringing up the wrong information.
"I am so sorry - I am in a hurry." I explained.
"I just wanted to say hello." she genuinely smiled.
"Please say hi to your husband - I enjoyed him and you so much when we had time together."
Her husband took care of my contacts and glasses for years.

I beat myself up mentally driving quickly to the next appointment -
It is so important to remember someone's name - and I genuinely love this lady - how could I have been so quick to call her by the wrong name? It has been probably 13 or more years since I have seen her - but still - how can I do better next time??

Slow down Mary - give your brain a chance. Don't book appointments so close to each other - and if God intervenes with an old friend - take 5 minutes to think.

Can I slow down? Lord only knows - but by His grace - I will try.

For Jesus' Glory - Mary