Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Wonder Of It All

It seems so easy to see "wonder" at this time of year. So many signs of Christ being present - in conversations, greetings and gift exchanging. The ultimate, original gift of Christmas being God's Son, Jesus, makes our gift giving so minor in comparison. But, every small token of love given expresses a small piece of wonder. Thinking of others - keeping the focus off of ourselves - it is a great time of the year.
Keeping the focus on Jesus can be difficult - we are pulled in so many different directions for our attention - feasting, gathering, remembering and shopping - oh my - there is a battle to be won.
Christ won a battle for me with a visual aid on Christmas Eve. I had spent most of the day remembering all that David loved about Christmas Eve. Appetizers, candle light at service, children, grandchildren, gift giving - he loved it all - and I was "drunk" with memories that were sweet yet painful. Later that evening, I watched my 5 year old granddaughter carefully hold her cousin - a baby who was enjoying the family - yet, the 5 year old was coughing. We hoped she would keep a little distance from her baby cousin in order to not pass anything on to her. It was a selfless thing to do and not quite understood by a 5 year old who wanted the presence of her cousin on her lap.
Then, I saw myself - wanting to hold David and not being selfless - not accepting our distance apart for now and being selfish.
I remember saying to the 5 year old - "you will be able to be with her again, but for today, it is good for her that you keep your distance" and I realized those words were meant for me. I will be able to be with David again, but for today, it is good for him and me (and all I get to be with) to keep my distance.
I think God is so good to give me a selfless visual - I can see now what selflessness looks like for me - or should - if I keep my focus on God.
I expect each day to be brighter - what an amazing God we serve!
Enjoy the Wonder of His Season for Giving - and His greatest Gift - His Son who purchased eternity for us! Amazing.
Love you,