Friday, March 18, 2011

Blogging Fun

Well, as I am watching Julie & Julia, I am reminded that I began blogging and LOVE writing - so I want to do this more often. :)
Today was a collection of moments that merged together to make a wonderful "beginning of Spring" day. 55 degrees - sweet!
Beginning with cleaning out cabinets - always interesting to see what I have stored in them - cleaning behind the refrigerator - wondering how some of that stuff got back there - and exercising at Curves with Zumba - yes, Zumba - some fast paced dancing in between the exercise time on the machines. I made it in time for a little splice of dance time to cap off my exercise portion of the day. It was fun to watch the Curves community enjoy dance exercise together.
When a prayer appointment went well this afternoon, I realized that a good day for me is a little different each day. Yesterday was not as sweet as it could have been - they opened the golf course and I realized why I want to move - living on a golf course is a constant reminder of who I miss - thus cleaning out cabinets in order to get ready to move is a really good thing. I feel like I am going forward - facing the future with eyes wide open - and thanking God each day!
How magnificent to enjoy life with Jesus. How simple and beautiful life can be with Him at the helm of my "ship".
So, Spring cleaning and taking time to exercise, along with time for prayer - what a wonderful way to celebrate life. What a wonderful day!
Have a blessed evening :)