Tuesday, July 24, 2012

God's Protection

As I took a walk to the post office, I listened to my music on my i-phone. It really came in handy when a little dog was upset that I was in his neighborhood. I simply played my "hallelujah chorus" while passing him. I carry it in a traveling pouch that hangs on my neck and use earphones.
I prefer to walk with friends down residential streets, but when walking alone, I often choose the busier streets and enjoy music. Today I was really glad I did.
Toward the end of my walk, I noticed a young man heading my way. He was not dressed for a walk and I noticed something swinging on his pants - either a small chain or rope.
As he neared me, he lifted the neck of his shirt to cover his nose and mouth and mumbled something. I took off my ear phones and said, "Pardon me?" He replied with "Do you know if there is a car dealership near here?"
Now, at times, when a stranger is lost, I have used my "around me" application on my i-phone to give them directions. But, that thought never entered my mind.
I simply said "Keep walking and you will see a Tuffy at the stop light. They work on cars and may be able to help you."
He mumbled something I could not understand and I quickly resumed my walk - even quicker - and made sure I kept seeing cars approaching on the street I was near.
God is so good.
Sometimes He protects us by not letting us get too helpful with strangers - especially if they have a need to hide their face when they speak to us.
Thank you Lord, for your constant protection.
Have a blessed day.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Roller Skating

Walking in the door of a little public restroom, my mind swirls. 45 years ago, I would skate into this restroom and all I had on my mind was who might ask me to skate. You see, I would have been on roller skates in this hallway of the grammar school gym - a gym used on Friday nights for students to have fun and fellowship. And we did. But, the feelings of wanting someone special in my heart to ask me to skate - and waiting for his acceptance - hoping I "caught his eye" - oh, it started back then.

And now, entering the gym another flood of memories! I remembered all the chairs lined up as we performed at the "music festival" at the end of each school year. My memory is patchy, but some of the feelings are still strong. Did my parents see me in the sea of students? Oh, I desired to be noticed.

45 years later, I wonder how much I have changed. Don't I still want to be noticed?

This "acceptance" or "need for attention" may be huge in some of us - I know it is in me. According to the Bible, we are accepted - and are constantly in the loving thoughts of the Creator of the Universe. And, have always been. I didn't know that then. I know that now.

So, as I reminisce over the past, I look forward to the future. I hope to remember how accepted I am - how important I am - in God's eyes. And, I always want to use my eyes for Him, so others can know that they are accepted and important, too.

Even when they are on roller skates :)