Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Thank You, Lord, for emotions :))

The year was 1990. Frustrated again at my full time job, I searched for another job. I decided to interview at one opportunity which paid more, but had a 1/2 hour commute. My current job was 5 minutes from my home and my children's school, but we were not making it and I was tired from holding two jobs down to try to make ends meet.
I also felt overwhelmed by the work load expected weekly.
The interview went well. Up to his final question.
"What is your number one reason for wanting to change jobs?" He asked.

I could feel the tears starting to well up. It was late in the day - already getting dark.
I was tired and emotional.

"My children", I said.
"I need more money to support my children."
And it let loose - all the weight I had been carrying of not having enough money all these years.
My crying was the final noise in the room as I tried to shake his hand.
I knew I would not hear from him with a job offer.

I went back to my frustrating full time job with a new attitude - And asked for a raise.
I resigned myself to stay - no matter how frustrated I got.

It was within a year that David G. Bulthuis walked into the lobby and asked to speak to me.

If I had pursued leaving that job, I could have missed that historical visit from a man who changed my life.
Thank you, Lord, for my emotions :))

Family First

He was a good employee and the boss saw a bright future for him at the company.
He called him into his office and offered him a raise and promotion.
"I can't accept it at this time", he gently declined the offer .
"I don't understand" answered the boss. "This is a great promotion!"
"Yes, it sounds great. The timing is not good for me. I recently married and promised my new wife that I would devote the first year of our marriage to her and if I took this promotion, it would require too much attention away from her."
The boss did not know what to say.
As the year progressed, the boss began counting the days down until that first year of marriage was celebrated to promote this man. He saw value in his reasoning and the importance he had put on his marriage.

It has been 20 years since - they are still married with 5 children and he has moved up in the company more that once - he is an extremely valued employee because he knows his priorities and gives himself wholeheartedly!

"Work as if working for The Lord - and He puts family first :))"

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wine! (Not my cranberry juice?)

A friend asked my opinion on a book and I love to give my opinion, so I purchased it.
In the beginning of the book, there is a simple questionnaire that reveals what habits of mine could be silently harming me neurologically. To answer true to a question actually counts against you and I got a 7 out of 20 - not bad, but not good, either. And, one stood out - that could have gotten me a 6 out of 20 - in other words - taking better care of myself.
It was: "I don't drink wine." - True was my answer - which was not good.

Now, what could have gotten me a 5 - even better - would be my lack of a dinner drink.
One question was: "I drink fruit juice" - True was my answer - which was not good!

Really? I get closer to harming myself neurologically if I don't drink wine? And, I harm myself neurologically if I drink fruit juice (too much sugar)?

Well, after skimming some of the chapters of the book, I did purchase some of the supplements suggested - I needed Vitamin D anyway and I lost a point for not taking it daily - so after picking up Vitamin D today, I came home and served, along with my beef vegetable soup, red wine.
The bottle was a Christmas gift we put in a cabinet - and I don't remember the last time I consumed wine nor have I read the part of the book yet that explains why it blesses my neurological system -
But, I am game.
It sounds like, according to this Dr. and his book "Grain Brain", that I will get two less points against me to exchange my usual dinner drink, cranberry juice (according to him, one serving of fruit a day and I have fruit at breakfast, so my evening cranberry juice is a no-no)for a glass of red wine. One, he says, and not more than one.

Well, cheers to a new opinion and my brain cells.
Now, as long as the kidney stones never come back from lack of cranberry juice :)

OH - and, he recommends drinking the same amount of ounces of water that equals 1/2 of your body weight every day - really?
Really - we shall see - maybe my next post will be with a clearer head and clearer neurological system :)

For Jesus' Glory,