Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sweet Memories

I can still see him - lying on my lap the day he was born. And, then I see him sitting up on the bed for the first time as I place a baseball cap on his head for a picture. And, of course, the first time I handed him a bat - he started to swing and turned around to bat lefty - I had set him up righty - and he changed his stance.
Now, I see him riding his big wheel and wrestling with his brother. And, again, graduating. First from Kindergarten, then eighth grade, then high school and, finally, from college - walking proudly toward us behind the professor at NIU.
So many other memories flood my mind as I think of a son the Lord entrusted to my care. So many emotions of gratitude that I was given the honor of being a part of his life.
And, on Sunday, I will dance a mother-son dance with him at his wedding. He will continue to make memories with a beautiful lady - a true blessing to all of our lives.
Thank You, Lord, for the opportunity to love people. Thank you for all those You have given us to love.
I am overflowing with gratitude.
May God bless you today with sweet memories of those you love - and may He bless you with making new memories and new friends and family to love.
For Jesus' Glory,