Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Grateful Servant

It is a blessing - each day - and when we look for it - we will find the blessing.

My husband described something at breakfast that his mother used to make - so I googled salmon and souffle - and tried a recipe that sounded like what he described. It is the first time I felt like a homemaker in many years - grocery shopping, fixing dinner and waiting for his meetings to end to enjoy a meal together.
And, it felt good!
What an amazing God we serve - serving others actually blesses the servant!

Watching him enjoy the souffle - I didn't mention that I had spilled the egg whites - the beater bumped the cup of them just before I was pouring them into a bowl. As I scooped them off of the counter I thanked God it was clean :)
And, the ones that hit the floor - well, a few less in the recipe didn't seem to hurt it but I will have more eggs on hand next time!

Nor did I mention the things the kitchen needs to actually cook in it - I did not bring many things with me when I moved in - but then I didn't have much. After all, living alone neither of us created many meals - so it was a little bit of a scavenger hunt.

But, finally, I simply enjoyed that he was enjoying something God allowed me to create from a recipe I found online.
And, I thanked God for the opportunity to serve Him.

May you be blessed to serve someone tonight or tomorrow - for serving actually blesses the servant :)

For Jesus' Glory, Mary