Friday, June 28, 2013

A Mother's Love

It seems that lessons learned can be painful - and as a Mom, it has always been my desire to help my children avoid pain. I am learning a valuable lesson. When we try to help our children avoid pain, we may be taking away a lesson God wants them to learn - something that will bring lasting happiness - more than a temporary fix.
Whenever I give advice - it is not because I think I know more - well, maybe I sometimes think I do - but it is usually because I want to help others.
David always said "Our strengths are Our weaknesses" - and my strength of helping others - or desiring to - can be a weakness when I try to help without them asking.
Now, that sounds simple - just wait to be asked for my opinion. Doesn't it?
But, it is not - it is a battle in my mind not to say something that I think will bless someone.
Recently, some things exploded in my family and God has done wonderful things with the pieces.
After the explosion was reconciled, I promised myself not to say anything to my children until I was asked - and within hours - yes hours -
I found my mouth giving advice to another child! Hours?? Really??
Yes. And, unsolicited advice!!
Well, God bless our Mother's hearts - God bless the love we feel so strongly that we do not want our children to experience pain - and God bless us to allow God to work in our children's lives - instead of us - and trust Him to teach them with His gentle love - even if the experience is painful for a little while.
And, I do believe that your Mom - and however she said it - did mean the advice she gave you as a help - not a hurt. I really do. That is a Mother's Love. Please forgive her and pray for her - and watch what God can do with the pieces.
Thanks -
For Jesus' Glory,
A Mom

Sunday, June 23, 2013

And I Wonder

Wonder is a sweet word - brings thoughts of things that take your breath away.
Wonder also implies thinking - pondering - and this morning, I am wondering.
Can I keep my focus, during this wonder, on the positive thoughts - things that take my breath away?
It begins with parenting - a lot of thoughts of parenting today.
I heard that my parents, while my Mom was pregnant with her fifth child, were homeless - all belongings were put on the street because they did not have the rent money. I believe it was caused by my Dad's gambling - but only think that because I know he had a good job with the electric company. I do wonder, though.
What could it have done to my Mom? What thoughts did the enemy fill her head with and what fears became her companions during that time?
Here, I arrive, years later - and, though I was a blessing from God, what did she have to give me as an infant? Did she have any security in her life to provide for so many children? Or, did I receive her fears? Just wondering.

Because, here I am today. A blessed, grateful woman of God. A grateful Mom and Grandma -
and I sit in wonder about what God has made of my life and what He will make of my children's lives. And, it takes my breath away :)
"God will work all things out for good, for those who love Him and have been called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28
God can take all I have been - all of my past - and all of my present - and make a beautiful future out of it because I love Him - and want His purposes to prevail in my life.
Have your way, Lord - Take my breath away :)
You are a wonder-ful God!!