Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Do Trees Remember?

It has become holy ground to me.
As I look at the worn down pavement which has long lost its black color and the great expanse of a rich green grassy field, I see myself in many memories.

It was here that I first skipped as my toddlers tried to walk to the huge swirly slide now replaced with a sturdier, smaller one. It was here that I sat outside and listened to concerts in the warm August air as the children giggled to the music. It was here that I spent more hours than I could count playing baseball with them - first teaching them to hold a bat and later years celebrating a good game, all the while laughing as the dust and green stains covered our bodies. I can still see the team pictures being taken near the scoreboard - each year the children changing in their height next to their coach. The concession stand became a favorite stop on a summer evening with nachos and licorice. On many nights, working the stand helped me treat the children to special portions ;)

It was here that I walked around and around in a square - I think 3/4 of a mile in all on the exterior proximity, first pushing my babies in strollers, then running alongside the back of their bikes as they learned to ride a two wheeler. One segment of the pavement was nicknamed for its dangerous drop - the "screaming eagle" - yet it is simply a small decline to the adult eye. And, this pavement on Halloween - oh, such special costumes have walked here - carrying bags of treasured treats.

When I became a single Mom, I would walk around this exterior twice - taking time to clear my head and think. This pavement has witnessed many tears of failure - but just as many light bulb moments of revealed hope.
This 3/4 mile jaunt also became a favorite area to stroll on a Sunday afternoon when a new friend, David, began to date me. It was walking this pavement that really allowed us to get to know each other, as we shared some of our past experiences and future hopes.
And, it was here that I met and kept some of my most cherished friends - precious gifts from God - who shared - and continue to share - many seasons of my life.

I remember the Veteran's Memorial being built here - it became a sweet tribute to the great sacrifice of so many. The many memorial services held here, along with the parades that trumped past it, always reminded me of the celebration of life and the precious gift it is, which can fly by so quickly.

As I look toward the magnificent trees bordering this slice of land - as I gaze at their expanse, I wonder - do they remember?
They have seen me here before - many times.
I remember. I want to hug them for they witnessed it all here - on this holy ground.

Enjoy today and the holy ground you walk. Love you.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bean Bag League??

Well, I have been living in this community since October, so I decided to sign up for something. It is a very active community with plenty of activities listed in the club house. I have tried a Bible Study and enjoyed that, but wanted to participate in an activity - like sporting - of some kind.
So, I saw an advertisement for "Saturday - Bean Bags" - and signed up. I have played the game with my children and can pitch it pretty close to the intended hole in the board :)

Yesterday, I received a notice to pick up my schedule - schedule?? Yes, schedule. I did not sign up for a day of bean bag tossing - I signed up for a league!
So, for the next six Saturdays, early in the morning, I will be tossing bean bags alongside others - 15 teams in all, so 30 of us - and hoping to pitch some of them in the correct direction - hopefully even falling into the hole in the board.
We will see if any of them make it.
I think I need to read a little further when signing my name to lists :)
Have a blessed day.