Thursday, October 6, 2011

There he was and There he is :)

Memories can be so sweet! Getting ready to move - my last day in this home - and "There he was!" Can you see him? Maybe not like I can, so let me share.
There he was - standing on the back porch - waiting for me to come along with other women golfers - he would be golfing later in the day, but always waited to see me come around the bend and ask how my round was going. There he was - stepping up the ladder to fix something up high - he loved ladders. There he was - leaning on the counter in a Chicago Bears costume with his buddies as we got ready for a party. There he was - sitting in his office on the phone - motioning for me to take a seat to talk. There he was - sitting at the table while looking outside - his favorite view - this wonderful golf course. There he was - sitting cross-legged - he had great flexibility - playing with Macy on the floor. There he was - running downstairs to see if the sump pump was working on a rainy night. There he was - head bowed, praying before meals or sleep. There he was - walking around outside finding something to dig up. There he was - talking to one of the kids on the phone as he paced. There he was - practicing his golf swing in the back yard. There he was - putting tape on the wall before putting a nail in it to hang a picture.
And, one of my favorites - there he was - all dressed up to go to dinner or church. He told me he loved to dress up for church because he was going to God's house and that was a special place to go.
I can see him - all dressed up and laughing in God's House - can you picture it?
There he is :)
Love to you!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Saying Goodbye

Well - farewell to a home. Saying goodbye is never easy but is necessary sometimes. A home is so much more than a building - it is the richness of the memories of people together inside the walls. It is the voices, words spoken or sung, that bounce back and forth in our minds as we enter a room. It is the celebrations of life days or the simple day in and day out days racing across our thoughts as we enter a doorway. It is the faces of those we love smiling back at us as we remember encounters. It is the meals shared, the special holidays spent together here.
And it is the love - oh our homes are filled with love.
So, farewell to a home that has been well loved and loved us back. But, more importantly, farewell to a home that has shaped our family.
We were naive' when we moved here - we had no knowledge of a golf community, or all the fun that is involved in living in one. We had no grandchildren and did not realize how quiet our life had been until our family was blessed with little ones and then marriages. OH - We had a lot of love and shared it well - and realized the extreme depths of pain in losing contact with one we love.
On the second day living here, David was unpacking in the garage and I asked what he thought of our move. "My next step is heaven." was his reply. He was right.
So, with him in heaven, it is time. Time to say goodbye to a wonderful home in a golf course community.
And, saying goodbye is never easy - but it can be a step forward. I hope this move is.
Thanks for loving this home along with me.