Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Never Once

How amazing that God raises up songwriters and singers just when we need them :)
When Amy mentioned the song "Greater", I listened to it and immediately purchased it to learn its message.
When Sue mentioned "Overwhelmed", I listened to it and, once again, wanted to learn more about God's Holiness through it.
This morning, a new song played called "Never Once" and it transported me back 35 years ago.

It was a normal labor - quiet, yet almost holy - and milder than my other two labors had been.
The song talks about struggles and labor can be a struggle, but knowing what it is doing brings joy.
When the Dr. said I was ready to deliver, I simply said, "Really?", as the pain had not been that intense.
They wheeled me into delivery and a little while later, I heard "It's a boy!" and it was a sweet sound to hear.
In the recovery room, the Dr. took my hand - "I am so sorry - I did not predict his size" he gently whispered. "Everything is alright", I reassured him. I don't think he delivered many 9 pound 12 ounce babies. But, I was thrilled the baby and I were doing well and excited to hold him. Thanks to his size, we went home from the hospital early.
As an infant, he was always satisfied - he did not cry often. He has continued to be a delight ever since.

I go back to that day - "Never Once" was God not with me. Holding my hand - directing the Dr., easing the pain in my body - and I am so grateful we serve a faithful God.

This week, that son is having a son - and I pray our faithful God is allowing a holy labor and delivery for his wife and child - and that His son is as satisfied as he was as a baby - and brings his parents much delight.

Thank You, Lord, for being faithful and never once not being a part of our lives.

For Jesus' Glory!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


He has overcome!
Jesus said - "In this world, you will have trouble, but take heart - I have overcome the world!"
What a relief!
To think - no matter what thoughts enter my mind - He has overcome them!
I pray He will keep me focused on pleasing Him today -
Whatever I say or do -
May it bring glory to You, Lord!
How Great Thou Art!!
Have a blessed day :)

Friday, October 10, 2014


Change is definitely a trigger word - there can be change for the good or ...
Many changes form us yet are out of our control. Especially because they involve others.
How many of us love doing things with people and situations that have become traditional? I think all. And, for a good reason - we enjoyed it last time, so we expect to enjoy it this time.
My life has changed more than I could have imagined when I was a teenager. My hopes and dreams centered around people, not career, though I did dream of becoming a teacher. My dreams usually revolved around my wishes - selfish goals that would make me feel like I had done something right - or what I thought I was good at. I am so grateful God is in control and not me - for my life has been so full and not at all what I would have imagined!

Well, as life changes - my response is usually, at first, a little taken aback - and I need to get grounded - find my footing.

It takes longer with a huge change - like someone very important to our lives being called to heaven - when every second of our lives feels different - Recently, a good friend from Kindergarten was called home. She was a light in this dark world - a wonderful, amazing woman of God I loved very much. Her children and grandchildren will have a huge void in their lives and I pray they will find firm footing on Christ - the solid rock. Nella is enjoying Our Lord's rewards and basking in unimaginable beauty right now. She showed Christ's love to all in her world and I am so grateful she knew Him and where she was going.

To smaller changes - like waking up today and not hearing Cozette chirp. I greet her each morning - yet she did not chirp back today. Cozette is a cockatiel that has outlived cocktatiel's life spans - she was over 20 and has been a sweet presence of God's creation and a small slice of life in the kitchen. The home is quieter - feels a little different - so, I immediately go to gratitude.

Thank You, Lord, for birds, dogs, cats, and all animals we humans can house as pets. Thank you for the life they bring into our everyday existence. Thank you for their love and the joy they bring to each day.

And, thank You for the capacity You give us to love. I am amazed at Your love through me to others and through others to me - I am so grateful and amazed!

I can only imagine what You have prepared for those who love You :))