Friday, October 26, 2012

A Normal Day

It started out as a normal December day - very chilly outside as I dropped the children off to school and arrived at work. Accomplishing many tasks, mid-morning I went downstairs for a cup of coffee. Standing over the coffee pot, chatting with my fellow workers, one of them brought cookies back by the coffee pot from a businessman in town and mentioned he wanted to speak to me. I asked who it was and did not recognize the name, so she mentioned the business. It was pretty usual for people running a business in town to want to speak to me, in order for me to speak to the Mayor for them. Just a normal December day. The cookies were a plus - my favorites from Raymondi's Bakery - especially the ones with colored sprinkles :)

I approached the counter, introducing myself as we shook hands. He spoke for a while - some personal information and mentioning he had heard of me through Carol at Public Works. I do love Carol - we started with that in common. Nothing touched too much on business, so after he left, I went upstairs to my desk and wondered. Was there more he wanted to discuss but the counter was not the place?

So, I called the business and asked for him. We spoke for quite a while and I learned that we were fighting similar battles as single parents. I was grateful he had reached out and recommended several books that had helped me.

It did not seem too unusual - and began on a normal December day - but it was my introduction to the man that the Lord would use to drastically change my life.
I am eternally grateful for normal days.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Trying to get in - great!

It started Sunday - when opening the garage door after church.
I was greeted by a huge black spider sitting on top of a pillow. Finding my handy spray insect eliminator, I sprayed this huge invader and he simply walked away. UUGGGHHH!
Two hours later, I saw another one on the other side of the garage - UUGGHHH! I broke my broom trying to shoe that one out of the garage.
So, I called my pest management team. They had sprayed a week ago - what was happening?
They could come on Thursday at 10. Great!
Thursday at 8:30 - just pulled into the garage from a work out - and another one on a floor - UUGGHHH! I froze in my car.
What is it about these spiders? I can take care of little ones, but this critter is huge. So, I do what any brave woman would do - I called the exterminator and asked him to come an hour earlier. I could sit in my car till then. He couldn't.
So, I called neighbors. Two darling women came over in minutes - I hoped one of them did not share my uneasiness with these critters.
I moved the ladder in front of it, Pam slammed a piece of cardboard on it and did a dance. She called it a spider dance! It worked.
So, at 10, Chad, the exterminator, was kind enough to throw out the cardboard and identified the critter - a wolf spider - even he was surprised at the size - wondered why it was so large in this area. Could it be all the corn fields in Aurora??
Chad sprayed my basement again - and crawl space - but did not see any webs.
He said they were probably trying to get inside for the warmth - not coming from inside out to my garage.
Trying to get in - not out - that was good news.
Now, I hope the rest can find shelter underground somewhere down the block - and that they stop trying to become my house guests!

Monday, October 8, 2012

18 years ago and today

Yes, it was 18 years ago today - October 8, 1994 - that I took a walk with Erin and cried - telling her how I had to break up with David that evening.
And, all the while, he had purchased a ring and asked her and my other children for permission to marry me. How difficult it must have been for her to watch me cry knowing the joy that the day would bring.

Life can be funny. We can spend a lot of tears on something that is not real.
Our emotions can control a minute, an hour or a day - depending on how long we
"camp" with them.
I started out that day in sadness - and had trouble falling asleep that evening due to overwhelming joy.

So, what does today hold for each of us?
I have a plan. Instead of starting out with sadness, I choose to start out the day with an expectant heart! I do believe that Our Lord has joy planned for me today - in fact, He is probably speaking to someone on my behalf right now - and I may have trouble falling asleep tonight due to overwhelming joy!

And, to all those with overwhelming circumstances that do not yet see a ray of light - Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.
We really do not understand how much He loves us and the plans He has for us.

With an expectant heart - God bless you with Joy today.

For Jesus' Glory,