Saturday, March 23, 2013


It is contagious! When a friend calls to ask you to write on your blog site - you are filled with joy - just knowing someone likes your stories :)
I love to tell stories! My latest is a story of joy.

It seems possible for God to continue to bring joy - more and more of it - when we ask and look. I believe it is a Biblical command: "seek and you shall find".
Well, I have been seeking joy since my David passed - looking in all kinds of faces and places. It has been found - more times than I can count - and, now it is in abundance in a new friendship.
This new friend lost his wife 2 1/2 years ago. Just this January, he asked God for joy - and got the courage to call me. A mutual friend gave him my number last summer.

In God's perfect timing, he called and our first "date", which he called an "interview" was March 1st. Each "interview" has gotten better and better and we are now officially dating.

It seems to me that new relationships can bring added joy to an already joyful life.
When we laugh together - alongside someone - the joy is multiplied.
So, my prayer for you is that you are asking God for more joy - and that your joy becomes multiplied.
It is a tremendously thrilling way to go through each day.
And, I believe Christ invented joy and laughter - I think He was laughing before he designed man - because He had already designed giraffes!

Enjoy today :)