Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New Focus

My last post was somehow kept in the "Draft" folder - and I apologize that it was not posted when I wrote it.

Today, I am focusing on my thought life - which directs my feelings.
I have heard that "feelings are not reality" -
Well, they sure "feel" real - yet I think I understand that saying better today.

When something happens and my "feelings" immediately react - especially with stress or sadness - or, worse yet, I often get the "feeling" that I am wrong - was wronged - was not enough - etc.
I am learning that these "feelings" may not be reality - it is possible the enemy wants me focusing on me - wrong me - or wronged me - not good enough me - or me that missed something.

I spent time with a friend and she described perfectly how it "feels" when you are betrayed. Somehow, we make it about ourselves instead of letting it stay with the person who betrayed - praying for them and letting it go.

Does this make sense? We can focus on "poor us" - we were betrayed - thus "feeling" awful. Instead, for her freedom, she now focuses with compassion on those that betray - prays for them - but lets their actions go to the cross - she does not make it about herself at all. In other words, she does not allow "down feelings" but is able to stand straight, chin up high, and believe she is beloved - as she is to Christ - who is faithful - she puts on the identity He gave her.

Today, I am spending time focusing on a God who created me and loves me - a God who loves me so much that He wants me to focus on Him - turn the garbage over to Him - and then bask in His love.

Wow - I want to enjoy the reality of those feelings :)))

May you, too, enjoy how much you are loved - you are more than enough - you are His Beloved! Don't let the enemy tell you anything else through a human :)

For Jesus' Glory, Mary


God has given me time to reflect - I am in a wooded area in Wisconsin, yet it reminds me of The Cenacle in Wheaton.
For years, beginning when I was a very busy single Mom, I took an opportunity to reflect on my life at a retreat - sometimes for an afternoon, sometimes overnight - but I took time to be alone with God and my thoughts on my life. It may have been once every two years, but I remember reflecting on my life at the Cenacle. I remember the first time I attended a Saturday retreat and arrived early in the morning - only to fall asleep for several hours missing the "sessions" for the day. I was told by a friend that I must have needed the sleep that day.
These days, sleep is plentiful. I can go to bed whenever I want to and I have no children waking me up during the night - (I still think of those years as a "tender" season. Yes, I was tired - but I gladly gave up my sleep to nurse my children.)

So, not wanting to relax as I take time to reflect today, I look at God's glory in the trees and woods and strain to "hear" the quiet - there it is - swaying gently in the soft breeze. Peaceful, quiet and calming.
Now, my thoughts can quickly go to the pain in the news - the pain so many on earth are experiencing - so I gather my thoughts - give them to God with a prayer for His Mercy - and then trust Him to care for His beloved children wherever they are - and go back to just "being".

Before 1953, I was not created - and though I do not understand it, I was brought into this world through God's choice of parents, His choice of city and country, His choice of size of family, His choice of physical attributes, etc. - I was created to bring Him glory in a given set of circumstances. Thank You, Lord. Thank You for creating me - thank You for giving me life - and thank You for every day of my life - every breath I take - because I was created by You for Your purposes.

Forgive me, Lord, for those thoughts that may have been ungrateful - or even rebellious - toward Your choices for me on earth. May I come to know You more and more each day - teach others with my words and actions how much You love all of us - and grow more thankful each day - for every breath You so generously allow me to take.

For Jesus' Glory,