Saturday, July 18, 2015

Gracefully surrendering the things of youth - really?

It was a poem I enjoyed long before I found wisdom in Scripture. It was called Desiderata and one line in it I remember: "Gracefully surrendering the things of youth" because every time something reminds me that I am aging again - well, I want to be graceful.
Surrendering began when I was told years ago that my "tear in a knee meniscus" was caused by racquetball and the movement back and forth that this sport creates - can cause a tear when you are older - less blood flow to the tissue - so, after surgery and a recovery period, I gave up racquetball and chose golf.

Last fall, another "tear in a knee meniscus" caused by high heels - well, I opted to wait on the surgery and purchase low heel shoes - not even close at being cute - but I am trying to be graceful and my knee is better.

At the same time, a "tear in my rotator cuff" is followed by many appointments to a neurological massage therapist - and my pain is gone so I am able to avoid surgery - but now I watch how far I reach behind me when I am in a car, and how long I hold grandchildren - gracefully surrendering.

Okay - this week - vision - really? I had an eye doctor appointment last August and it was the first time I heard I had the beginning of cataracts - what? Cataracts are for old people - sorry - but that is what I thought.
And, I did not think of myself as old. Maybe people in their 80's??

It gets worse - there are cataracts that can take 20 years to develop and then there are cataracts like mine - it has been 10 months and my eyes are "four times stronger of a prescription" in nearsightedness - which means mine are moving quickly.
Now, the eye doctor said he would rather have cataracts that grow quickly - and you get them removed - then have them take 20 years to slowly darken - you will see less and less clear until they are bad enough to be removed.

So, I sit watching TV - can't read the "closed captions" like I like to unless I move my chair up - and trees are really green balls again - (back in drivers ed at 16 - when I could not see the street sign, the teacher made me stop driving until I saw an eye doctor - when I walked out of his office for the first time wearing glasses, I fell backward because I could see leaves on trees instead of just seeing a green ball) - and when the new prescription comes for my glasses, I will see clearer but for how long? He guesses it will be within two years that I may be a candidate for cataract surgery.

Gracefully surrendering - our bodies are temporary - and I am so grateful for mine - I hope you are too - and the design God had in mind when He created it.

And, from this day forward - I still want to think cataracts are for older people - but is 62 old?

Well, I think the older we get, the older "old people" get.
Lord - help me be graceful -
For Jesus' Glory,

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