Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday Morning

It is yet morning on an overcast Sunday in Cape Cod. Both of us are experiencing our first visit to this part of God's creative beauty.
We move slowly on the deck as our ears pick up the sound of sea gulls - speaking to each other as they soar in front of us - finally perching together on a tree of beautiful foliage as we slump into cushioned white wicker chairs.
Marty reading the newspaper and my fingers skimming the Bible, we breathe deeply in and smell God's creative juices in the form of fresh ocean breezes.
Our eyes slowly wander from reading material to gazing on the beauty of small vessels bobbing on the water as the wind toys with the waves. The prettiest vessel is white with red stripes - a reminder of God's gift of a concrete company at home.
Thoughts of Sunday being His day - a day of rest - overwhelms us with gratitude - as we sense His presence here in all we see, hear and touch.

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